Friday, August 20, 2010

Be Brutally Honest when Answering Questions and evaluating my situation Thank You?

I have been talking this guy I met a local nightclub. He told me he liked black girls. We exchanged phone numbers and have been talking ever since. He visits my apartment frequently and we talk almost every day or at least once a week. I consider a good friend. I told him I liked him. He said he had feelings for me too. My friend discovered he had a girlfriend. We still talked on the phone and he still visited my place as usual. That day, he told me he was on break with girl and we ended up hooking up.

These are the questions I want answered ---

Why does he see me so often and talk me so much if he has a girlfriend?

He is really sweet with me, he buys me food and stuff, why does he does do this for me if he's in a relationship? Shouldn't he be doing this for his girlfriend?

How does he view me as? Can we honestly be just friends and nothing more?

If he supposedly likes me, why doesn't he just dump his girlfriend to be with me?

We have known each other since I believe December or so.

I have only hooked up with him twice which was recently.Be Brutally Honest when Answering Questions and evaluating my situation Thank You?
You're feelings for him are colored by your emotions because he took time to talk to you. This is called social cultivation. It is a means to an end.This individual has basically lied to you (and his girlfriend probably) and has been unfaithful to his girlfriend. Are you prepared for the same thing to happen to you in the future when he is tired of you? Be classy and drop him. You can do better.Be Brutally Honest when Answering Questions and evaluating my situation Thank You?
What does taking a break mean to you? Well to me and the general population it usually specify s that they are NO LONGER together, thus meaning he is single.
He just wants to get laid. He's a player. Forget about him. He sounds like a dick.
he's playing you. Even if he did leave her, he would leave you too. A dog and his bone... If you want a solid good relationship, stay away from guys with girlfriends.
You say why does he not do this with his girlfriend, well I think you dont know what he does with his grilfriend. And you dont know how long he has been with his girlfriend and how much he loves her. I think he is playing you for a fool. Im only saying because of what you have wrote. Have you met anyone of his friends? Have you guys gone out in public, on dates? There seems to be alot to this relationship going on that, like he seems he is hidding alot from you. Maybe im wrong, but you wont know until you ask him those questions yourself. Just watch out for yourself if you really like him, you might get your feelings hurt.
he likes you and his girlfriend, and he wants both. if you're okay with that, then it's all good. if you're looking for someone who wants to just have something special with one person, then there's probably a better guy out there for you.

don't take my word for it, though. you'd be better off asking him.
sorry sister. if he cheats on his gf with you, he is not a cool guy. if you get with him, he will probably do the same thing to you.

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