Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My girlfriend has a tetris addiction... how can i help her?

okay.. so my girlfriend LOVES playing tetris (more than me). She just stays on facebook and plays for hours and hours and ignores me. The only thing that interests her now is beating her old high score or somebody else's. I can always tell when she is playing tetris because whenever she talks to me on the phone, she only replies by saying yes, oh? really? thats cool, and no. Other than she is being really mean to me, I'm most worried about is that she cannot focus on her homework and finals are coming up. I really want to help her. What can I do? any suggestions?My girlfriend has a tetris addiction... how can i help her?
This is what you do, you practice tetris to the point you get better than her by learning all those funky moves like t-spins, t-spin doubles, and all that jazz. Once you beat her score, then im pretty sure you will have killed her tetris spirit and then your girlfriend can resume her normal life!

NOTE: By dedicating yourself to become better at tetris, you may get addicted to yourself. If you did beat your girlfriend's high score and are still addicted, have you girlfriend practice even more so that she can beat you and kill your tetris spirit.

I swear it isnt a cycle!

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