Monday, August 16, 2010

How do i get my girlfriend to tell me what i did to make her not want to talk to me?

I missed her opening night at a musical, because my parents made me take the PSSA's the next day, if i would have upset my parents she would be pissed at me, (it has already happened) She started to ignore me, so i thought it was because of work and being busy. i went to the second night of her musical with my family and we really enjoyed it... but my parents made me leave early and she ignored me for the rest of the night until i got her to talk to me on the phone in which i asked why she was ignoring me (i called 57 times and she was texting me but would not pick up) she said nothing is wrong and the next day, said in a text message '; i am going to be honest with you, i really don't want to talk'; i was surprising her this day by coming to her musical without her knowledge i showed up at her house and told her i loved her and that i was suprising her, she acted like herself for awhile, then after the musical immediatelly my parents got me again and took me home, when i got home my friend called me asking where i was (it was 12';20 in the morning and my girlfriend was at a cast party texting me) ii said in my bed and they told me they were going to suprise me by showing up at my girlfriends house and that they were outside right at the moment. I asked my friend who drove if he would come back in and pick me up. he said yes and i called my girlfriend askin if it was ok ';she said i don't even know how to respond to that'; hung up on me, i fell asleep thinking she was just trying to figure out if she could. at 2 am i woke up and her friend was texting me telling me how much of a **** i was for trying to get her to sneak out of her house (a week before she told me she actually would for once) and i accidentally told her that in a message in which she ignored me again and later this day she texted me saying ';don't talk to me,'; i responded ';why?'; and she responded ';i wonder'; i still have no clue what i did, does anyone have any ideas?How do i get my girlfriend to tell me what i did to make her not want to talk to me?
You can't.

Even if she starts speaking again, I would not want to live in constant fear I would do something wrong the next time, so I would leave her.

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