Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My girlfriend thinks she is too tall. How to comfort her?

Recently, my girlfriend addressed one of her sensitivities to me. She believes she is too tall. I will admit, she does have some height on her, but that is one of the things I like about her. She is 5'10';. She keeps herself in shape and has a very nice figure, but she feels she is too tall.

I am 6'4';, so I still have a good amount over her to assure her that she isn't too tall. I stood next to her to show her, but she shoves me away and tells me to stop kidding. I assured her I wasn't kidding, but she continues to nitpick at herself.

Thing is, she is 30 years old; she should have gotten used to being tall a while ago. I am 24, and even I know that. However, I think she is just trying to find a reason to nitpick to get me to reassure her that I love her. What do you think?

She kept complaining and I told her to be quiet about it. She looks at me as if I didn't say it. I said, ';Yes, I told you to be quiet. If you think you are too tall, we will walk around on our knees and be too short.'; She laughs, but I am not kidding. I will go get the knee pads and we will. I am not playing. But, how would I respond to something like that? It is just so odd, it took me off guard. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.My girlfriend thinks she is too tall. How to comfort her?
This is a really sweet, it shows you care. Tell her you love/like her just the way she is, tell her she is perfect to you. And tell her she's LUCKY to be tall!!My girlfriend thinks she is too tall. How to comfort her?
tell her that you dont care how she looks like and point fun at urself!BTW im nine and 5 foot 1!!!!
well your sweet. just let her know you love her regardless of such a small matter as her height. plus let her know it doesn't matter to you since you are still taller

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