Friday, August 20, 2010

How do i get my girlfriend to shave?

My girlfriend is a little too hairy from down there. But I dont want to tell her directly to shave there. I dont plan to go anywhere near her forests unless she turns it into a lagoon. Please help!How do i get my girlfriend to shave?
Set an example and shave yours firstHow do i get my girlfriend to shave?
yikes... i'm a girl who's fanatical about body hair removal so it's hard for me to relate to this kind of issue. but maybe try and turn it into something sexy and suggest u shave each other or something? i don't know, my boyfriend and i talk to each other openly and say just about anything so that still might be awkward for you. but we have done this before and it was funny and cute. but you know, you can make it like a giggly silly fun thing, and then when you're all cleaned up (and still naked) get the real action started.
well some girls don't like to shave.. Mmm, well maybe you can wait a little bit and tell her how you feel about it and ask her if she thinks so too and is okay with shaving it... then yes.. then all works out..

No.. then let it be and let time be your chance into a lagoon. good luck!
if you are dating you should tell each other these things so suck it up and tell her.

answer mine pls鈥?/a>
That's the million dollar question isn't it? Offer to do it for her...Then go down on her to show her the pro's of being shaven...
Just tell her she needs to shave it, or shave it for her.

Or next time you go down rip it off with your teeth.
Just come out and ask her. Be honest with her and ask her if there is anything that she would like for you to change if it will make the situation easier.
haha i had to do this over the summer its hard.. but I just asked her if she could try shaving but it was really wierd you cant be too blune because then they get maaadddd and dont put out
There is probably no easy way to get her to shave unless you tell her directly or do it urself! lol
Tell her she has more hair than an Indian blanket. You'll get results.
Offer to trim it for her... what a turn on.
oh my

tell her to wax

und if she say no

tell her....that the forest scene aint appealing
jus ask her nicely tht u would prefer if she shaved. idk y she hasnt done it already tho. thts nasty

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