Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What should i do to win this game with my girlfriend?

ok im playing a little game with my girlfriend and i rlly wanna win cuhs the prize is mor lov not as in lov lov but more missing and kissing and objectiv is to be with her and not kiss her or hug her or anything and im crazy for those things.... but i can talk to her and her friends which are my friends as well.... if she wins then i wnt get those ';love things'; can i win and control myself to not hug or kiss her for the moment....What should i do to win this game with my girlfriend?
Ok, so what you need to do is always think of the thing that disgusts you most in this world while you are near her, whether it be warts or fungus infected feet. Just tell yourself that she has whatever disgusts you and you will be able to avoid her. You can get rid of her deodorant and whatever perfume she may wear. Also, you can also try just not spending as much time around her...

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