Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How long does it take to lose feelings for someone?

Girlfriend said she dosent have the same feelings for me anymore. We recently got into a big fight, could this feeling just be temporary she said she still loves me but dosent know why she feels diffrent about me and she is confused.How long does it take to lose feelings for someone?
okkey. if u n ur gf have had a nice,truthful relationship then i think that the feelings would not go away easily, for example, if u and ur gf have shared special moments like ( when ur sad shes there 4 u, when both of u have problems u guys talk it out n try 2 put things 2gether) etc , then wouldnt b easy 2 4get the person, bkuz i mean u just cant bkuz the person means sumtin special.,unlike if ur realationship has been wer u guys just dont show wut ur actual feelings r. like hmm if u tell her u love her and dont really show it den yea the person who ur with is going 2think dat u dont really care,,... i mean the point is that if you both really care about ur realationship then u MUST talk it out with her,, bkuz wen 2 people feel sumtin really special 4 one another u cant just let goo.

GOOD LUCKK... ooh n if u both stay with each other..try not 2 fight over nonsense bkuz den it gets worse..... :))How long does it take to lose feelings for someone?
To answer your question, it takes very long to lose all feelings for someone. They slowly begin to diminish as time passes or certain events in life occur. But for all feelings to truly go away completely in an instance is impossible. The feelings she once had for you are no longer as strong as they once were. For some people, lost feelings can be rekindled, but for others once they leave, they're gone forever. From what you've written, I can't tell if she is the type of person who's feelings could be brought back. But i'm sure you have an idea of whether it may be possible or not. If you say you love this woman, don't just let yourself give up. Don't allow yourself to regret anything. Try your hardest to win over her heart, and don't hold back.
Usually exactly half the time of the actual relationship.

(i.e. a 1 year relationship would take 6 months to get over completely)

but then again, it depends on the person in question! and how it ended...

Check this video while your there,鈥?/a>
It doesn't take long when fighting. Life is to be a loveable time and want to be together and not get on each others nerves.
One second.

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