Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is my ex girlfriend thinking or trying to make me think?

My ex girlfriend, which we dated for almost 2 1/2 years and where best friends before that left about 3 months ago and got engaged almost 2 months ago to a guy that she just met. That is not my question and that really doesn't bother me and or is my business.

But my question is what is she thinking or trying to make me think. Before I start the story off I know she manic (bipolar). Most of the time I knew what was happening and what she was thinking. But this one I'm lost on.

Last week she called me up after no communication for a month and asked me to bring a few things of hers up to her work and then she acts surprised to find out that I have packed up and moved her stuff from our room and put it in another room in the house, so I don't have to see it.She asked me if I was looking for the stuff. I said no I'm outside, then she asked what are you doing outside? I didn't answer, then she says never mind. I agree to take it up there because I'm already going into town. When I get there she gives me a really tight hug and ask me to come in and get something to eat at her restaurant she works at.So I do, and she serves me. We talk for a little while.She asked me how I was doing and, I said I'm doing good. Then she asked really you are? Why would she ask the question again right after I answered it. She finds out that I'm getting ready to do something that we planned on doing together and she acts all excited about it.She tells me that she wants to see my kitten when I get it. Then she pays for my lunch. Then when I leave she gives me another tight hug and squeezes my hand as I walk away. So what is she thinking or doing?

Also another question is. She left 3 months ago and has only gotten a few of her things from our place that I still live at. She still has a lot of stuff here. If she wants to move on and be engaged, why hasn't she come to get the rest of her stuff? People have told me that I need to tell her to come get it. But I feel it is her responsibility to take action for her own stuff not me.What is my ex girlfriend thinking or trying to make me think?
Forget about her responsibility, you just pack her stuffs nicely n label them into boxes n put them in store room or sent to her place. She may be in no condition to do all that but she showed how much she likes you by paying for your lunch n hugging you. It doesn't matter she getting engaged,

be a great friend to her bc you won't know if her new guy could be as nice as you or may even hurt her. So she may need your help in future, do not let small matters clutter your goodness others see in you. Always be big hearted, you will never go wrong. Cheers. My ex left me but I refuse to let her negative attitude get into my life, so we have to do right thing for our own good - like being the lighthouse in the stormy sea for desperate undeserving people.

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