Friday, August 20, 2010

How to help my girlfriend with first time sex?

Me and my girlfriend are trying to have sex for the first time and we are just trying to fit my penis inside of her. I am fairly large (8 inches and quite wide) and it's pushing her to the point of tears when I try to enter her, even though she is very wet and I try to go as slow as possible. Any tips or ideas as to how to make it better? We just want to try and fit it in.How to help my girlfriend with first time sex?
Lube.its your bestfriend!! Just put some on your penis or even your fingers and rub it on her yoohoo.That will help but its not going to completely take away pain, not to be rude but shes got to get over it,after the first few times it will be easier and feel amazing just reassure her of that! Dont feel bad if she tears up a little, alot of girls do on there first time,but if you dont keep trying youl never get it sex=no fun lol.So keep on trying,just be gentle and slow.How to help my girlfriend with first time sex?
tell her this isnt a rape in then rip her close off and **** her until she dies

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Start with your fingers. Index finger then two fingers until its loosened enough for your penis.

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same problem bro, use lots and lots and lots of lube
how i can sex with my girlfriend
Hey, its also possible that something is trying to stop u frm this sin. afterall its not a very good thing. think u fool!
Push at once with force.

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