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How to go about telling parents my girlfriend is pregnant?

Me and my girlfriend are both 19. We live together and have been with each other for 4 years. My girlfriend doesn't work, but I do work full time and so we have stable finances. We both feel we're ready for children and have found out that she's pregnant.

I've always been close to my Mum and I think she'll understand. I'm more concerned about my girlfriend's parents knowing.

How did you do this and what age were you?

Any tips?How to go about telling parents my girlfriend is pregnant?
I was married and 17 when i had my first child and 19 with my second we both set down with our parents and told them. His parents were excited mine were not. I didn't work and he did. If they get upset they will eventually get over. My parents have been wonderful since I was 3 months pregnant with number one. Both of you should sit down with your parents and you should do the talking. Then with her parents she should do the talking. That's my opinionHow to go about telling parents my girlfriend is pregnant?
just say mom and dad my girl having my kid so plz help uz

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Even if you planned the baby or not go with your girlfriend to her parents house, this will show that you truly love each other. Have her tell her parents that there is no way to change what happened. tell them that you are financially ready to have a baby. just sit down and talk about what happened

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I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant and so was my boyfriend.

I tried to keep it a secret from my parents as long as possible, but after a few weeks I realized I should tell them. I ended up having an abortion, my parents had a lot of influence on my decision. I know that yall are probably not considering abortion, but if your girlfriends parents don't take it well, then they may feel like pushing abortion onto her. Or they may not even believe in that, just make sure that you and her are the only ones that decide what you should do, and no one else!

I'm just letting you know that the longer you leave it, the worse off you'll be. You need to make sure that they find out asap. I also think that your girlfriend should start working while she's able to, because when she's further along it won't be easy to work. And if she wants to have this baby then she needs to start working, it's not fair to have you working by yourself.

Wait a minute. You are both adults. You are independent and supporting yourselves. Why are you worried about telling your parents?

Is it because you are not married? Then simply explain to them why you wouldn't be ready to make a commitment of marriage, but you are ready to create a life together which will tie you together even more strongly than a marriage would.

It's your business.
the best thing to do is not put it off have them all over for dinner don't just call and tell them. the both of you need to tell them in person that is always best. set them down together and tell them that you and your girlfriend are going to have a baby and let them know that you have plans for the future if they know that you have thought it through they should be more comfortable with it.
Really no easy way to do it, the good thing is though your both of age and out of the house. So its pretty much your decision, to be honest. Most parents are mad at first and that is because its hard to see your kids get older, however when the baby is born, I bet they will be fighting over spending time with the grandchild.
Just Tell Them because if you continue to hold back and they find out on there own its going to be a very uncomfortable feeling because you wasnt str8 forward with them.As long as you have a job and you are showing your parents and her parents you are a MAN and are willing to step up to the plate there shouldnt be a issue.Dont get me wrong initially the parents might not agree but dont do anything to make them lose confidence in your abilities...Good luck and trust me once your parents see that beautfiul child and hold that child that will release any doubts or issues... 100% GUARANTEED
The parents will be fine. Just tell them. You guys are already living together so they should figure that marriage or children would be the next step. I was only 17 when I had my first child and I was not living at home with my parents. They were a little ';freaked'; but it did not last long. Best of luck.
Me and my husband (boyfriend at the time) were 20. We both lived together to. I called my parents and told them over the phone. My husband only has his mom around. So we went to her house and told her. Surprisingly everyone took a lot better then when we expected. We also waited until I was 12 weeks along just to make sure we would not miscarry. Congratulations!!! Good Luck
Well I was a lot older but my sisters were not. They just came out and told my parents. There really is no easy way. After you tell them, if they seem upset then kindly say that you are going to give them a few days to adjust to the news and then give them their space. They will come around. If they don't know, trust ,me they will when they see their grandchild.
Time to man-up and own it. Stand by your girl and the two of you tell them together.

Honestly, they KNOW you are living together for 4 years, so they KNOW you have been having sex. If they are shocked and go through the roof when you tell them you are preg....seriously, they should have seen this one coming afar off.
Have a dinner, just your parents, you and your girlfriend. Have your girlfriend make a cake for dessert. After the meal, have your parents 'un-cover' the cake....that says.... CONGRATULATIONS Grandma and Grandpa!!!! An ultrasound picture to go along with it would be a nice touch for your mom :)
Just breathe and then spit it out. Over dinner is a good time or a small family get together is great for sharing the news.

Congrats and good luck to you.
Well, your both 19 and you have a job so there isn't too much they can say except they are happy for you. Good luck to both of you. ( and the baby )
i would say you should both tell her parents together and then you should let her talk it through with them on her own.
Yeah, be honest dude... It's a tough one but you're gonna have to go through with it at some stage. Rather sooner than later though.. Good luck with it!
Honesty is the best policy
';mom, dad, [insert ur gf name here] is pregnant! we're happy and im happy that let you know that you are going to be grandparents.';

good luck
just tell them
oooo... tough one. but just tell her.

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