Monday, August 16, 2010


Ok now please just help me and dont say you shouldnt do that or be that way or let her, just help me figure out how to stop her. My girlfriend lives with me and she wants to go spend the night somewhere else tonight im not gonna say where and I told her she could go over there every single day if she wants to but I told her I wished she wouldnt spend the night. How do I stop her? THATS ALL I WANT TO HEAR, HOW DO I STOP HER FROM SPENDING THE NIGHT.GiRLFRIEND???!!!?
You cant she is not your property.....You can tell her how you feel and if she cares she will understand.GiRLFRIEND???!!!?
SAY: i know u want to spend the nite there but im not really comfy with it.

(tell her how u feel and if she really cares 4 u she'll understand). i no u wont cheat on me (frase this however u want just us it as a guideline) but it seems weird u wantin to spend the night at..........

SOZ IF THIS DOSENT HELP, this is the most i can do

Soz again and good luck!!!


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