Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have a girlfriend and we're going on 3 weeks and just recently we went on a trip to MYC with our school. I sat behind her on the bus because co-ed seating wasn't allowed and I walked around the city with her most of the time. Sometimes I wouldn't go with my friends because I was with her. My friends say I'm wipped but it's not like I ditch them for her, when I was with them and she asked me to come with her I said no I'm with my friends so how am I wipped? All of her friends say they wish they had a boyfriend like me and all my friends say I wipped, so what should I do?Girlfriend?
You can be your own man and do what YOU want or you can let your friends run your life. Its up to you.Girlfriend?
figure out which relationship u value more your friends or ur girl
damn...thats wat we used to say bout my all depends on if shes controlling yu..if yu are constantly with her and nevver with yur friends...but dont pay attention to what other people do they dont really kno wat their tlkin bout or honestly their jealous...soo dont worry bout anything..let them think what they wanna think..its a stupid thing to fight over..and like it w.e. ... if they wanna keep sayin that let them ..cause their not worth your stress trust me
I would just say to pay close attention to how you balance ur time between ur girlfriend and ur friends. Sometimes we dont notice when we spend too much time around our significant other and then make our friends feel like we've forgotten about them. From your story, it doesnt sound to me like ur whipped. It just seems to me like ur friends are trying to annoy you, so just ignore them. Doing nice things for your girlfriend or spending time with her doesnt mean ur whipped. It's when u stop seeing ur friends to ONLY be with ur girlfriend or you do EVERYTHING she tells you to do like ur her slave that then u could be called whipped.
get in her pants and ask your friends if they still think you're whipped

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