Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We have both just recently had sex for the first time. It was extremely painful for her, which we both expected. i was as gentle as possible with her and we took things slow.

we have now had sex 5 times within the last 4 days. she is feeling alot better with the pain. she says she hardly feels anything now.

as im new to this im wondering if anyone can tell me of your experience with your first time and maybe how long we can both expect it to take for her to start feeling the pleasure.

p.s. i was exteremely worried during our first time that i was not going to 'last'. i guess its a common nightmare for alot of guys. but i am suprised that even after our 5th time i still havnt actually 'finished' yet. i put our first time down to us taking it slow, but we have picked up some pace after the 4th and 5th time and i still didnt even come close to feeling like i would ejaculate. should i be worried?Girlfriend?
myn was painful just the first time n was barely any pain!

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