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How can I convince my girlfriend to have a threesome sex involving another man and I?

I really want to do a threesome sex involving another man, my girlfriend, and I. But the problem is that my girlfriend doesn't want to do it. How should I convince her that it's not as bad as she thinks?How can I convince my girlfriend to have a threesome sex involving another man and I?
Let me talk to her. I'll convince her of how much fun it can be.

sHow can I convince my girlfriend to have a threesome sex involving another man and I?
gand mar de uska

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you guys are pervs!!!!!!

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Certainly there is nothing you can do to make her engage in a threesome with you and even if you could if would be terribly wrong to do so. Sexuality is as individual as any other aspect on her personality, but you can encourage such activity: Let me explain:

I am an avid Massage hobbyist and a medical professional. As such, I have from time to time, been approached by some men who wondered if I could get their wives interested in a threesome by giving her a massage. I have agreed to try with the understanding that I have to trust my own ideas and if I do not think it is flowing or the mood is not right I will just finish the massage and leave.

This approach has a number of advantages: The presence of a strange man is accepted in such a situation because I am coming to provide a service in my scrubs and with my massage table. Every woman I have ever worked on was more than willing to strip naked and lie down. I usually cover –often imperfectly their butt with a small towel and work on their upper back shoulders, neck and head by which time they are usually purring with pleasure and relaxing more and more. When I begin to work the rest of their back they may begin to get the idea I may do more that medical massage when I make no attempt to avoid the sides of their breasts and more than one has lifted their chest to allow me more access to their breasts. I talk with them as I work getting their medical history, and then I reach their buttocks – an area a male practitioner sometimes avoids as too sensual, but I explain that your husband (boyfriend) etc has arranged for them to receive a special massage, one more sensual massage and that unlike medical massage the aim of my work is pleasure and hence areas consider more private will not be avoided but that they should speak up if anything makes them uncomfortable.

I explain that it can be a little vulnerable being the only one naked and I suggest the both her husband and I undress to make things more comfortable for her. I have never had a woman want to stop at that point and when we are naked he resumes watching and I remove the towel and begin to rub her butt etc.

Usually within a half hour she is fully aroused, wet and interested, sometimes she manifests a clear interest in my organ reaching for it and in those cases, I enter her. Other times she is harder to read, but aroused and I will motion over the husband and have him enter her while I continue to work other areas of her body. In either case she is involved with two men sexually. It works about 75% of the time.

This type of thing has worked well for me in the New York area and the Midwest, but you will have to judge attitudes in your area and her personality. In short I have found it a lot easier to seduce a woman to a new sexual activity if she is already naked and already feeling sensual.

Contact me for more information if you wish.

Maybe try a couple swap. Then she'd have someone and so would you. Then she wouldnt have to worry about you being jealous or anything. Girls have a harder time disconnecting from the emotional, than guys do. It's easier for me to see my husband sleep with a girl then for me to sleep with a guy. Plus girls are harder on themselves. I know I look great and guys tell me all the time, but when it comes time for a situation I always think of what the guy will be thinking. Maybe he won't like what I look like naked, or what if I don't look good when I am different positions and stuff, crazy but maybe thats her problem too. Being naked infront of someone new can be scary for girls
im a 28 year old female %26amp; i think all of the answers so far are BS!

Its ok to say that if you push her you will lose her, but then on the other hand, why shouldnt you be able to share something your interested in with your partner right?

Me %26amp; my partner have had a 3some with another female as well as another male %26amp; when the subject 1st came up, i didnt want to because i felt it would be strange doing something with another man infront of my partner! what if the other guys penis is bigger than my man? what if i enjoy myself too much? what if its crap! lol

what if my man never looks at me the same ever again ...

so maybe this is whats going through her mind too? it isnt always about women being the weaker sex %26amp; being so hard done by that they get pushed into stuff, thats total crap

you live ONCE %26amp; if its unfulfilling, you die with regrets ... so i would suggest that you sneakily pamper her with everything that she likes ... dont bombard her with stuff so she gets suspicious, but just over the next few weeks always make sure she gets her own way %26amp; enjoys all the things shes interested in, even if your not!

then, get some porn on the go one night, make sure its got a few 3some scenes ... %26amp; hope that it pops into her head how much you would like that %26amp; how great you have been recently ... if you ever do get to move onto acting out this fantasy, id start with a party or club, daring each other to watch as the other one flirts with someone ... sometimes people get a buz from that sorta thing ...

failing that, if you guys arent serious,havnt built a life together/havnt been together long, move on ... she will end up with someone who is right for her %26amp; you could find someone more open minded ... like i said, you only live once :)

FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. I wanted to do the same thing w/ a girlfriend once. She freaked at first. We ended up having a 3some w/ another girl first so she would be more comfortable w/ another body present. After that, we did it w/ a friend of ours that we trusted and knew it wouldn't get weird with (which by the way is the toughest part). But plain and simple, if she doesn't want to, you can't force her. Either deal with it, or dump her for someone thats a little more adventurous.
if she doesn't want to do it mate, dont force her. You will only end up losing her. Keep it for you dreams at night. You gf has to keep an eye out for her.. dont force her! Or try to convince her! Thats such a horrible thing to do to a girl.
my dear friend Jenna would like to know what threesome sex is like-she is extremely interested in that topic, and she would like to try it when she is older, and maybe that would help her answer you.
this doesn't neccesarilly mean he's long as he's not wanting to do the other guy. some guys like watching their girls with another man, kinda like porn. weird, but don't pressure her, cause it's kinda nasty.
show her some porn with some good threesomes, it will turn on her curiosity. If not don't bother her about it, she's just not the group type %26amp; there's nothing wrong with that.
Don't be a pig. Pushing your girlfriend to do something won't get you anywhere.
haha good luck with that dude, really, lol.

and it depends on the other dude
i think you should go have sex with monkeys
.Next step,you'll be hiring her out for cash.Your a pimp
let her pick man
i think you gay..

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