Friday, August 20, 2010

How do I get my girlfriend to break up with me?

How do I get my girlfriend to break up with me, without cheating or being an asshole? We've have been together for a few months, and already said ';I love you'; to each other. And the worst part [but one of the biggest reasons i wanna keep talking to her] is that I'm a big influence in her daughter's life [I've been there more than her biological father has been] and I wanna be there for her and help her grow up.How do I get my girlfriend to break up with me?
Wow did you really just ask that question??? I swear I need to create a website and just give people advice all day. You need to break it off with her ASAP! There is nothing worse then someone leading you on. THe longer you wait to find a way to break up with her, the worse it will be once you do it. Sit down and explain it to her... Let her know what you think the two of you should just be friends instead. As for the daughter, if you want to play daddy then more power to you but I personally think you should just break up and move on in every way. In the future when she finds someone else it will create issues for her and may be confusing to the child. Be a man, step up, get a backbone and do what you have to do. It doesnt matter how you do it, she is going to think you are a jerk... she cares about you and your breaking up with her so that is natural for her to think that... You can do it.. stop wasting her time!!!!How do I get my girlfriend to break up with me?
Ask anyone of your friends this question that's actually used this tactic to get out of a relationship, and ask them how it went.

What is so terrible about getting out of something ( and being man enough to state that, and give real reasons)?

I know personally, it would be much easier for me to continue a friendship, or have some kind of peace between myself and the other person if they were just honest. I'm sure that she would appreciate that as well.

What would be hard is being led on, another day, and basically being lied to....

The choice is yours, but every human being has the ability to do what is right.

Do that, and you can't go wrong.

As far as the child, it's better that she doesn't see mommy going through a relationship like this where one person is obviously emotionally detatched.

Think about the child.

They will be fine without you, I'm sure.
So you want this girl to break up with you...but you want to stay around in her life so that you can continue to be a father figure to her child. That just sounds like a creeper thing to me. How bout you try telling her that you dont feel that you guys are going anywhere together and that you would like to remain friends and be there for her and her daughter.
Tell her you don't think the relationships going anywhere bf/gf wise ..tell her you love her and always will love her but not in that way and you love her daughter and wanna continue to be a part of her life, and that you'd rather be just close friends, she'll most likely understand maybe not at first but give her time and she will.
guy, u are a jerk if you have been wanting her to break up with you. and why are you feeling this way if you say you love her? i think you dont really want to break up bc if you did, you would have already! so maybe you need to re-evaluate the situation. then if you still dont want to be her bf anymore, then you need to be a man and end it.

my EX got me to break up with him by cheating on me. finally he confessed he did it to make me break up.

Wanting the girl to do it is just being mean and lazy!
if you care about her and her daughter you should tell the truth just because your not dating doesn't mean you can't be friends and still remain active in her daughters life but don't put yourself through with if if your not going to be happy you'd be living a lie and that's not fair to them or yourself
to be honest mate, what ever way you do it, it is gona hurt a lot, but if the mother starts to hate u she wont let you be apart of the girls life.

you have to try explain to her, but what ever the outcome she will be hurt very hurt.
Honestly, I think you need to clarify why YOU don't want to break up with her.

You're just putting more work on yourself with trying to get her to break up with you.

Well, the only thing I can tell you is to try to get her to notice more of your flaws, turn offs.
you would be an asshole if you kept on leading her on. just break up with her.
And why cant you break up with her yourself? It's better than leading her on.
You've only been together a few months and you have a child?
tell her this
your in abit of a pickle. man thats gotta hurt.

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