Monday, August 16, 2010

How can I move out of my parents house?

I al really frustrated with the way they treat me. I seriously can't do nothing in this stupid house. I can't go out with friends, have a girlfriend, have to be home before 10. Parents are always pist off when I'm on my xbox or on eBay buying or selling stuff. I'm a 17 yr old that basically can't do anything in a stupid house. I want to move out and go to a far university and don't have to deal with them. Any ideas to convince them?How can I move out of my parents house?
You should probably get a job first and wait till you're 18.

You wont be saying all this once you move out and get in the real world.How can I move out of my parents house?
Dude, seriously just chill out and wait a year... then go wherever the heck you want. Depending on where you live, you may already be old enough to leave. They can't keep you there if you are legal.
I don't see how you can convince them but you can try applying for scholarships and grants if you want to go to a good university, as well as keep your grades up and do as many community service hours as possible (universities consider that). That would be your ticket out of there.
There parents...ur a minor...they just want you to focus more in school...spend the most possible time in with them because when you get married you will never get that's like whn you wish you were in kindergarten again when your in 5th grade..and whn a kindergartner is in kindergarten they want to grow up so fast
Don't worry soon you'll have a life to live on your own without realizing. Even if you go to a far out university they will still be paying for your expenses, don't they? So don't get offended if they ask you how you are doing in school or if you get short in money when you ask more money they have a right to ask what you need the extra money for. Really, going away from them is not escaping from those things you mentioned as your problems!

I think you are old enough to deal with your life while you are living with your parents, and try to organize your time more efficiently so all of you can live in harmony. You should also try to be open with your own family. No matter what you think about them, they are your family and believe it or not your main support in life.
You could try talking to them, but if they won't listen, you'll be 18 before long.
It easy to feel like they are treating you bad but wait till you are paying for yourself. If you have straight A's and are valedictorian then you can have time for x-box and internet, you should get a full ride scholarship and prove that your merits have earned your way. But if you don't have a full ride and want them to help you with school, suck it up and quit crying like a big baby.
Everything is wrong with your parents, but still you want to go to a far away University and have your parents paying for it. For that, they are good. You want to be completely independent....get a job. see if you can support yourself, but just in case, leave the door open because you will be back soon...very soon
If you have the grades to go to a good university far away, it should be no trouble at all to go away. Just apply to the schools you want and go!

As for moving out, don't even think about getting your very own place before you can afford it. Instead, search on craigslist and find someone who wants a roommate. Live simply and keep all your stuff on your side of the room. Leave as much as you can behind. Remember that you can't have everything and decide what you really need. Your freedom from your parents will come at a cost. You will need to work more hours, eat cheaply, and use as little electricity as possible. If possible, ditch your car and ride a bicycle. You will also stay in shape and save money on a gym membership this way!

As for getting a girlfriend, girls find independent men sexy and love a man who cares about the environment at the same time!鈥?/a>

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