Monday, August 16, 2010

How can I prevent my co-workers from finding out that I'm a virgin for life?

I'm a 31 year old involuntary virgin for life. Recently, while working, I've encountered a lot of co-workers who want to talk about sex and how recently everyone has had it? Many people mention that they had had it within the last few days or weeks. I felt awkward, and remained quiet on the matter. How can I pretend to be a non-virgin without sounding too dishonest?

I'm ugly and rich so actually getting a girlfriend is out of the question. Thanks.How can I prevent my co-workers from finding out that I'm a virgin for life?
Your sex life is your business. If these people want to talk to you about yours just tell them that you are not one to kiss and tell. If they keep harassing you about it then I would tell your boss that you feel uncomfortable around them because of their topic of discussion. You might also want to try and steer the conversation onto another topic. Or just walk away if they keep it up, no pun intended. I hope this helps.How can I prevent my co-workers from finding out that I'm a virgin for life?
You can pretend to have too much self respect to talk about your sex life ... ?

I have trouble believing they talk about that at work. That's highly unprofessional, and if the wrong person hears them talking they could get in big trouble. Maybe fired. So even if you did have something to contribute, it's better to be quiet in this situation anyway.
Don;t tell them anything. When these conversation come up, just ignore them. Walk away if possible.

if tehy ask you specifically why you don;t particiapte in those converstaon, give them a cloudy look and say, ';I don't think those conversations are suitable for a workplace.';

if they start to teace YOU, you might have grounds for a sexual-harassment lawsuit.
Why would you even have to discuss your status with anyone. You have chosen to be the way you are (that is if you are telling the truth and not trolling). If Flava Flav could get some, anyone can. Come on now....


LOL Lola! Right?
Just tell them that you prefer to keep your private life private and don't say anything else. They'll leave you alone eventually.

Or buy a hooker and at least have something to tell them, LOL.
I don't care what your co-workers say, your sex live is NONE of their bloody business. You don't have to say anything about it, it's private. I would never talk to anybody about that.
Sounds like it is voluntary because you choose not to seek out women. If you are rich, that is enough for some women. Tell the truth or get laid, those are your options.
I've been without for a long time now and no body but my closest friends know.

No one needs to know. keep it to yourself.
you can walk out the door so you don't have to hear those stuff and feeling bad about yourself
She will eventionally come to you. I think they would secretly be jealous of you if they knew that. When you meet her she will be thankful and so happy she was your only one.
Tell them that you're asexual: you've chosen not to have sex for now.
LOL there are plenty of golddiggers out there that would settle for an ugly rich man
Just tell them that you are a hermaphrodite...that will silence them.
What are you, 13?
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