Wednesday, August 18, 2010


me and my girlfriend are kinda off and on sometimes right now we arent together really, it sucks!!!!!! she doesnt believe me that i love her and i try to but idk i need new help on how to show i love her or she'll tell me to stop or what? her friends hate me they think i look like a rapist when i smile weird i know...... but anyway ive lost a lot of my friends cause of the problems they've caused i asked for help but i guess i just egnored them........ i love her w/ all my heart and im trying everything to get back together with her, she says i dont treat her right ive changed but then at the same time she blows up on me, sometimes shes rude, then she'll go hang with my friends and then after shes done she freaks out at me cause they told something i havent told her before like they told her i have a porn addiction, ya i looked at it im trying to stop!!! i want to!!! so bad!!! i just dont know what to do anymore!!!!!!!!!! its getting so hard!!!!!!!! should i let go and move on?Girlfriend?
Yes, you should, this relationship is going nowhere, fast.
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