Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i like someone but i don't know how to ask her out. help!!!Girlfriend?
well start with a smooth covo and work ur way up u look hot u can do itGirlfriend?
just casually go up to her and start talking an then ask her what she is doing this weekend an then ask her out!!!
well first just get to know her . .. . a little . . . talk to her make her laugh girls like that . . . then after awhile tell her you like her. . . then when the time is rite ask her out . . . =D
you should be flirty around her so she knows you like her.. and then see what happens. if she sends you messages that she feels the same way, then just ask her out IN PERSON. the worst thing you can do is ask her out online, or on the phone.
Wake up! What kind of question is that?
Just be yourself and just take her out and talk about it....
ur the guy, you should ask her...there aren't many girls that ask out the guy. Do something romantic for her or try something original
Hi Brendyn, Just go up to her and ask her out. That's the only way you will know for sure. Don't be afraid just ask her. A Friend.

ask her just get up the nerves to do it, she probably say yes.
just ask her, the worst she can say is no....
Try Writing Her A Love Letter. It Builds A Lot Less Pressure then Asking Her Yourself. Trust me, I Did it Once.
You can do it in a couple different ways.....Ask her is she gets a chance to come talk to you alone for a few...Then tell her that there is something special about her and you were wondering if she would like to go out? Or....Slip her a note....Write down how you feel, girls love love-notes. Or.... Just tell her that she is pretty and state something you like about her like eyes, smile ect.. then you will be able to tell by her response if she likes you back... Then you can decide if you want to ask her out.. Good luck... Just remember you will never know unless you ask. Don't wait.
Ask her if she likes you if she says yes then ask her out . if she says no then srry

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