Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's with all the girl advice on how to get men?

Seriosuly. I've been reading answers on this forum mention stuff like ';building long-term relationships'; ';respect'; ';ask him about homework'; ';zOMG! HE TOTALLY LOVES YOU';

Let me tell you something about your advice. IT WON'T WORK. And here's why: Men only want to get laid. Unlike women, we love trough sex, not kisses.

If the guy has a penis and he doesn't want to use it, he is not a man but only a boy. The only way to get a man interested is to convince him that you will sleep with him, and him alone. But only if he makes a reasonable effort (sluts and virgins are equally bad girlfriends). And that's the bottom line. Don't let others fool you. Convince him you'll be a slut to him and a saint to his friends, and he will crawil and fight for you (considering you have decent looks, which is the second factor we care about). The ';feelings'; and ';commitment'; speech is something we memorize to disguise our intentions of getting you pregnant.

Now, my question for you, women: Why do you give advice when it's clear you don't know what you're talking about. How many men have fallen for you using the advice you gave? How many years have you lived with a man to know so much about ';the signs';? Do you realize that high-school boys are very different from grown up men, and that all the things they say or do could or could not mean anything?

Next time you answer something, think for a while. How many times has this worked for me? If the answer is 0, don't type anything. Thank you. Oh, and google the Ladder Theory.What's with all the girl advice on how to get men?
OK first, not all guys are as shallow as you, so speak for yourself, OK? And second... just shut up.

PS. Im generally a nice person but this just made me mad.%26gt;:(What's with all the girl advice on how to get men?
i hope you don't actually take all the answers seriously?? i mean, idk about some girls, but i just get a nice paragraph written out about all that ';commitment'; and ';learn to trust each other'; and ';tell him how you feel'; crap, then copy and paste for my 2 points XD

but i dunno about the other women, but i am fully aware of the mindset of guys....

it's just nice to BS your way through life sometimes, and pretend like thing are what they are not.

P.S: apologies if i didn't answer the ';question'; correctly... i didn't bother reading that chunk of text you wrote out...
dont worry, we wont expect you to be one of the honorable men who have respect %26amp; love for women %26amp; who will contribute conscientiously to this society by properly raising a family.

you are a loser.

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