Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do i deal with my girlfriend?Girls only?

my girlfriend and i up until now have been having great sex i mean we watch porn together we even made a few hahaha! but all of a sudden she just doesnt want to do it anymore i mean yeah we had a few miss haps where condoms break but it dont bust like that so its like she get scared she gonna get prego bet it hasnt happened the almost year now that we've been dating what should i do and im always the one kicking off our sessions she claims ';oh if a guy(previous boyfriends) wants to do it they just start it'; she never kiss me down my body or nothin I've been realeving myself more so than we've been doin it! what should i do!?How do i deal with my girlfriend?Girls only?
talk to her about it. could be she doesn't love you anymore an just doesn't wanna have sex but doesn't know how to tell you. i've been in that situation before, i just kept making up excusesHow do i deal with my girlfriend?Girls only?
Maybe she thinks you're not being there for her emotionally or fulfilling your ';friendship'; in the relationship. She's probably stressed out about the situation. Get that girl on some birth control! When she pouts about ';OMG What if I'm pregnant!!';, just jokingly say ';Well.. what are we gonna name it?'; It worked like a charm on me.

By the way, don't listen to the guy that said,';Find hobbies to show her she's not first priority.'; When you've been in a relationship that long like you have, that game playing/ignoring bs doesn't work anymore. It will damage your relationship. She will think that you only want her for sex if you ignore her because she's not putting out like she used to. That's selfish and wrong.
Why the hell do you want girl's advice on something only a guy can do? I mean, seriously, even if a homosexual woman wants to offer you advice she was never in a position where she watched porn with her gf and then.. yeah. You get me don't you?

I hope you do, it's like asking a catholic priest for marriage advice.

It seems she lost interest in you and that she is waiting for you to pull all the moves. Try finding a hobby to occupy your time and show her that she's not your priority. That will wake her up and make her call / text you first and ask you out. When you show her that she cannot take you for granted, she will come around, I'm pretty sure. If she doesn't, your problem begun long before this.

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