Monday, August 16, 2010

My girlfriend wants to text a guy friend how should i handle the situation?

It's not a ';situation'; until you turn it into one. What's the big deal?

Giving me a ';thumbs down'; means you are insecure.My girlfriend wants to text a guy friend how should i handle the situation?
should let her....he's a guy FRIENDMy girlfriend wants to text a guy friend how should i handle the situation?
Talk to her about that other guy and if his just a friend to her. but dont over react because that's how arguments will start.
dude its your gfs likfe dont be controllng thats annoying either ways shes gonna do it, so you can either let her text her friends and be fine with it or shes gonna do it behind your back and ull be pissed.... so yeahhhh

stop being in controll its a realtionship not a dictaorship
What situation?

Adult women and men have friends of both genders, that's normal.
There is no situation to be handled here. She wants to text a friend, get over it. She's allowed to have male friends. She doesn't need your permission either. Stop acting insecure and controlling.
Let her text, as long as you trust her nothing will go wrong. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship, so just believe in her =)
By stop being so possessive and jealous and if you can't trust her you shouldn't be with her.
You have no say so...if it's a guy friend then what is it going to hurt an if more happens what can you do? you can't stop someone from doing what they want and if you try you will end up pushing them away.
its a free country, but if hes cute i would reconsider.
i think you should just let her, as long as she isnt doing anything behind your back its okay.

who said we couldnt text guy friends?
agree to it she going to do it anyway and he is probably just a friend.
if hes just a friend then you should trust her...
i dont lik when my girl friend text other guys just tell her that u want to talk to him
Let her do it. You have no control over what she wants to do.
Nothing. You have to have trust in your girlfriend.
What do you mean how should you handle this situation? Do you trust her? She shouldnt need your permission to text a friend unless yall are one of those couples who dont let their significant other talk to the opposite sex. Theres nothing wrong with that kind of relationship if handled properly. If she doesnt let you text girls, then she shouldnt get to text guys. But if you talk to girls, she shouldnt need your permission to text her guy friend.
Well damn.

I know how you feel.

I hate when my ex would text other guys it was so annoying.

I don't care if they were just ';friends';

Girls are such hypocrites whenever we text a girl ';omg are you cheating on me?!';

';who are you talking to?';

';who's that slut';

then they go to all their girl friends and tell them that we're being man whores and crap.

So yeah every girl who answered, this is a ';situation';

And you need to tell her that you don't like it when she texts guys.

Ask her how would she feel if you were constantly texting girls.

and of course she will say ';i'd be fine';

thats when you get your phone and go to another room and pretend yr texting another girl

Taste of her own medicine.
I know how you feel. If a boyfriend I had wanted to text a girl...I'd be pissed. For now though, you should let her and just trust her until she gives you a reason not to trust her.
just be mature about it. stay calm. trust her. ask her what he really means to her. if he IS just a guy to her about it
With caution. Make sure the guy is someone you trust, and have faith in your girlfriend. She is most likely just wanting to talk. If you trust both of them, and they aren't acting weird around you, there shouldn't be any problems.
You should totally freak out!
your girlfriend has the right to talk/text anyone she wants. and so do you.

a relationship should not be based on rules and regulations.

it should be based on trust, and respect.
well i mean if they are just friends then it ok.but if you suspect a lil more between them then you might want to talk to her about it. but you should trust her enough to not have anything goin on to where it will be a problem for them to text.
You are going to lose your girlfriend if you are too controlling. My ex would do that to me. He would get suspicious and upset if I was talking to my friends who just happen to be males. Eventually she is going to get sick of it and dump you like I did to him.
If she has guy friends, you need to respect that. Some girls just get along better with guys.

As far as i can see, this shouldn't be an issue unless she has a history of cheating or you don't trust her.

But if she has given you no reason to doubt her, then you just need to leave it alone or you could possibly lose her. If she doesn't think you trust her, it could start some problems.
You leave it alone, unless she inviting him into her bed..

It's your insecurities, and you need to work harder on your relationship...

If she is inviting him into her pants, then you need to find a new GF.....
Do you text friends that are girls? I am concerned that you say ';wants to';. It sounds like you may be a little controlling. Surely you don't think she shouldn't talk to guys other than you.
Wow seems every girl jumped at the chance to tell you to leave it lol. I know it can be hard knowing that he probably likes your girl (sorry ladies but it's just how guys are..I think you all know this already.)

So you have 2 options:

1. Tell her you'd rather not have her text him, this will most likely cause an argument and if you don't have a strong bond will probably be a disaster.

2. Trust her and just let what ever happens happen. You have to realize you can't control someone no matter how it makes you feel.

Honestly the best option is 2 man
Girls find controlling and insecure guys unattractive. Friend is the key word here, she chose you for a reason so don't try to stop her from having friends even if they are guys! Your relationship will work if you trust her, so do just that.
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