Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My girlfriend and I have been dating for some time now and I have been having the time of my life up until now. Her ex boyfriend has come into the picture which makes me really worried since they dated for 3 years. I trust her though and she tells me he had his chance. She doesn't seem as happy as with me as she did with me and my goal is to make her the happiest women shes ever been. My sense of humor now seems to annoy her and I need help on how to fix this. She gets mad easily so I now have to watch what I say. Any advice???Girlfriend..?
Be yourself be the person her ex failed to be...once she sees this she will realize that you are the one for her....also remind her of all the good times you had with her and once in a while make her feel good by cooking for her or buying inexpensive gifts to show that you really care....true love always prevails!!Girlfriend..?
The ex is an ex boyfriend for a are the one she is with.

She could just be going through a bad time. Be there for her and if your sense of humour annoys her, try to tone it down a bit.
You think you have to change who you are because suddenly she's not happy with your sense of humor and the way you are?............

The problem is not how you are, she has something in her mind and shouldn't be placing any kind of blame on you.

If you try to change, to be another person you actually are not is going to frustrate you and make you so unhappy and still is not going to please her because she's looking for excuses for whatever is in her mind.

Ask her why what at the beginning of your relationship seems OK with her now is bothering her.

You can put all your effort to make her the happiest woman but if you forget your needs and put aside your own identity soon you'll be miserable.

You deserve to be with someone who loves you just the way you are as you would with her. Good luck.
try and talk to her nicely. Ask her what might be bothering her. Try and help her if things are bothering her. If it is anything to do with her old boyfriend, then try and talk to him when your girlfriend is not around and tell to that he needs to leave her alone. Just don't raise your voice or anything stupid to get him upset.

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