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How to really live it up in vegas for my 21st?

Im going the end of June to Vegas for my 21st. Its me and my 4 girlfriends and were staying at the venetian. I want to really go crazy and dont really care about spending my money, its vegas after all. So were getting there 2 days before my bday to just relax and tan and whatever, even see a show or two. So im just wondering best clubs, coolest restaurants, this will be my 4th time there so i dont need to see sights. Also i heard about this place Simon and heard great things about it, i want to kno if theres more cool places like that. Ok thanks!How to really live it up in vegas for my 21st?
Well let me start off by saying happy early bday! It's great that you're not going with guys, because if you would, you wouldn't be getting special treatment. I don't really have that information as far as shows or restaurants but I do have information for nightlife. Since you're staying at the Venetian you will definitely want to check out TAO Beach. It is a pool party at the Venetian. (It is seperate from the regular hotel pool)

Other pool parties you can go during the day:

Wet Republic- at the MGM

Liquid- at the Aria

Rehab- at the Hard Rock (this is on Sundays and is the BEST pool party)

Make sure you and your girl friends dress to impress at these pool parties. (cute bathing suits from Guess/ Victorias secret and accessorize it and also wear heels) Of course you dont have to go all out, but yes a lot of girls do wear high heels to the pool and it looks hott. If that's not your style, that's fine, but just know it's okay if you do.


TAO at the Venetian

XS- at the Encore (always crowded so try to get there early or meet someone that can get you in)

Tyrst- at the Wynn

Haze- at the Aria

Vanity- at the Hard Rock (Sundays best night)

Around 3 or 4 definitely hit up Drais at Bill's Gamblin Hall. It is the hot spot to be afterhours. Just tell the guy at the door its you and four girls. If you find yourself having a hard time to get in, just tip the guy at the door. But try not too, girls shouldnt have to tip, cause your a girl. Theres two floors house and hip hop. The hip hop room usually has a guy in front of the room, but girls can go in, guys are the one that have to get bottle service to get in, so dont let the guy intimdate you. He'll let u and your girls in.

As far as shows/ restaurants, I don't really go to a lot but the Cris Angel at the Luxor seems cool. The Wynn has a good buffet. As far as Simon, i believe its closed. Go to and enter the name of the restaurant and it will give you reviews. You can also do this for clubs. That way you have a basic idea on what kind of good it serves and the price range. Umm i think thats all you should know. Also check out (enter vegas)

these websites will give you the 411 on events and you can also view pics of ppl who party there and what they wear. Hope this is helpful!How to really live it up in vegas for my 21st?
go to rehab at the hard rock and then hit the palms.

you will never regret the visit.
The resturant that is the coolest celebs are there all of the time is Nove Italiano. You have to check out the cool atmosphere and the views are incredible. Also the menu is loaded with some of the finest foods youll ever eat. Check it out
The answer from Jennifer is actually a very good answer with a few things I disagree with. Simon is the restaurant of Kerry Simon who is a good but not great chef. His place at the Palms closed but I wouldn't seek him out unless there is a specialty dish that only he makes. If money is not object Robuchon at MGM is the top restaurant in Vegas but the important thing to keep in mind is that money is no object.

Criss Angel is my favorite magician and I really like Mindfreak but his Cirque show is just plain bad unless you love dancing rabbits. It is easily the worst disappointment of any Cirque du Soleil show by far. Please read the reviews on his show. I don't think you will want to go see him and I felt cheated by the poor quality of the show.

When it comes to great websites to check out information on clubs, SpyOnVegas is the best for open bar information but that's it. Clubzone is a good website but not for quickly gathering information about what act to see at the clubs. You have to click a lot to get anywhere there.

The best website for club information in my opinion, based at looking at a lot of websites, is Here are some links that I think will help you.

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