Friday, August 20, 2010

How should I tell my parents about my boyfriend?

I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend. I'm 14 years old and mature for my age. I'm also really smart, so I wouldn't do anything stupid with him. He is my first boyfriend, I am his first girlfriend. My parents never said I couldn't have a boyfriend, but never said I could either. We've been together for almost a week now. I really don't like the feeling of sneaking around, so any suggestions on how to tell at least my mom??? thanks =]How should I tell my parents about my boyfriend?
You know your Mom better then we do. How made do you think she well be. From what i remember at your age relationships for the most part do not last very long. If there is not going to be a alone time with him you can wait to tell them. No alone time at 14. At 14 it is best to be with many friends. That you pick because they are like you Mature for your age. I hope you meant in wisdom. Good luck.

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