Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My girlfriend wants us to have a threesome with my wife?

I have been married 3 years. I have been together with my girlfriend 1 year. I love her very much. I have 2 young children. My wife doesn't know about my young 19 year old girlfriend. My gf saw a picture of my wife and she thought she's quite so she suggested a threesome I think that would be a good idea but I dunno how my 28 year old wife would react. Should I suggest it?My girlfriend wants us to have a threesome with my wife?
A lot of people got trolled here.

2 pointsMy girlfriend wants us to have a threesome with my wife?
You are about as low a cheater as you can get. It's bad enough that you are cheating but to even think about throwing it in your wife's face in such a disrespectful and hurtful manner brings degrading and humiliating behavior to an all time low. Maybe you should spend one minute thinking about how awful it would be to find out your wife has been cheating on you. Then find out that she actually convinced you to come to bed with them both by acting like it was really your little secret, when the secret was all theirs. Does the word pathetic ring a bell?
Dont be an idiot. Your mistress wants to meet your wife to destroy your marriage. Unless your wife is an idiot. But the fact that she does not know your GF yet, tells me she is not an idiot, but you are a cheating asshole, who should be honest with your wife and let her know you have someone else, especially if this affair is going to continue. Be decent enough to tell your wife or leave this other woman or your wife alone. She deserves to have a man that will not break her heart.
You can suggest it to your wife,but you risk losing her and the kids if she doesn't go for the idea.

Since you have a girlfriend half her age,it doesn't sound like you care for your wife anyway.

On the other hand your wife might like your girlfriend more and end up dumping you.
You better go and think about this FIRST

YOUR CHILDREN. You are destroying their family life because of thinking with you head (and I am not talking about the one on your shoulders). You need to grow up and ask the Lord above for forgiveness in what you have done. I truly hope she is at home and realizes what a terrible husband she has. How much do you love your children if you don't love your wife? Thank about it ...
You are a joke. First place, you are going to take your GF to your wife? Now what world do you live in? If you want a GF divorce your wife. Then you can have your cake and eat it too. If I were your wife, I would Divorce you and find me a man worth having. Grow up!
dude, hand's down, you're a bad *** mf'in pimp if you can pull off dating some other chick for a year.

tell you're wife that one of your ';friends'; came up and suggested all of you having a threesome. depending on her reaction, you should try hitting her.
Thats a great idea! Your wife would love it if the first time she found out about the affair your having you asked her to have sex with the person your ruining your life with! Yeah for infedelity! Way to break one of the ten commmandments!
You ur own man, but REMEMBER, ur married// If ur going to cheat, u might as well get divorced// Then u can have all the threesomes u want, without cheating on this woman that loves u as ur WIFE// What goes around comes around//
if your wife is open mind

ask her

but if she is not that type

dont even ask

you know her better

good luck and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, she'll kill you. Guaranteed.

Stop being a cheater. Cheaters never win.
I talked to your wife about this and she said she would be cool with an orgy. I told her that I'm not touching you and she said that was fine, she just wanted to share me with your gf.
Definately. Go ask your wife about it. Right now. Time's a-wastin'.
dont tell ur wife. if u do, then u just said u cheated on her. u wanna lose ur wife? if she really cares about u, then do it. if not, the dont
I suggest your penis be removed from your body with a rusty butter knife
Sure but you'll likely lose your wife and children. But it doesn't sound like they are that important to you anyway.
If you want to lose your wife then go ahead. You'll regret it unless if you want a new wife.
Why did you get married? I mean 2 years of marriage....that's still the honeymoon phase but yet you started cheating on your wife. My heart goes out to your wife. She deserves better!
What the hell is the problem man. Do it and have a great time.
I had threeway once. Not as awesome as I thought it would be.
Go for it.
oh sure!!!! you're wife will love it!!!
You're a prick!
its just easier to call u a big fat pig



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