Friday, August 20, 2010

How can I get my girlfriend to stop wearing corsets and weird stuff?

I don't wanna tell her straight to her face because that's just mean but my girlfriend dresses really stuffy, like skirts and blouses and dress shirts and stuff like that.

On top of that, she came over last Saturday and she was changing into one of my T-shirts and she was wearing a corset.

Why does she do this?

It just makes me feel weird and uncomfortable about it because I want her to wear something that's comfortable-looking. Like something from Abercrombie or Hollister or something.How can I get my girlfriend to stop wearing corsets and weird stuff?
This is your girlfriend and you want to tell her how to dress? You don't try to control someone you love-you give them the freedom to be themselves.

Maybe she thinks you like that kind of stuff. Why not ask her without accusing? Ask her if that's her favourite and if you were to ever buy her a present of some kind of clothing, what would she like %26amp; why?

Communication is the key to any relationship-it solves the problems if you can either agree to differ or compromise. You have to decide-do you really love her and can you accept her for who she is?How can I get my girlfriend to stop wearing corsets and weird stuff?
If she's wearing a corset, she might be trying to look sexy for you... depending on what it looks like (but if its more conservative skirts and such, she could be a hutterite and that kind of attire could be part of her culture/religion). If you feel uncomfortable about what she's wearing, try complimenting her when does put on something loose fitting like your t-shirt or maybe buy her some clothes from the stores you like and give them to her as a present. If she looks offended then just tell her you think she looks sexy in them.

I dont know what else to say, I'm extremely forward with people so if it was me, I would just be up-front and honest. Good luck!
She's probably doing that to get the hourglass figure every girl longs to have!

The common misconception is, a corset slackens your stomach muscles so they can't be toned in the future. BIG MISTAKE!

Just tell her nicely and honestly that you'd rather her just wear what he's comfortable in. Say it in a way that's not blunt, like. ';Babe, don't you think you'd be more comfortable in just a shirt?'; and then playfully wrap your arms around her with a shirt in your hand. As a hint.
I always suspected there was a legitimate reason why some parents don't allow their young kids to date.

Since you have answered MY question, I'll be kind and answer yours.


If you don't like it, go find one of the 3.25 BILLION other females out there that dresses in a style that you DO approve of.
Well you cant really get her to stop wearing these - its her individual sense of style and shes obviously happy with it - surely she was like this when you met her?

Maybe buy her a nice polo shirt or something and tell her you think it would look great on her - maybe broaden her fashion options a bit... thats all I can suggest

Hide them. You can turn it into a game or something. Or burn your place down with her clothes in and with the insurance buy her some normal clothes. Or become nudists. Or petition the government to make the wearing of corsets in public illegal.

Pick your favourite from above.
I'm just wondering why you think you have the right to stop her wearing what she wants... she's your girlfriend and I'm assuming she dressed like this before you got with her, if you have a problem with the way she dresses then why did you get with her?

my guess is that you're not going to like some of the answers you're going to get and you're going to feel like a real dick for asking it
Leave her alone - she can wear whatever she wants. Because you think it doesn't look comfortable doesn't mean it's not. I assume she was wearing the same kind of clothes when you 1st met her, why now do you wish her to change?
What would you sooner have, a girlfriend who takes her time and pride in what she wears or a girlfriend who dresses up in track suit bottoms and a burghouse jacket?

Your girlfriend dresses really stuffy????
Why you getting stressed? Didn't she dress like that before you started dating her? Why is it bugging you now?
If you want to date a preppy chick then there are lots around. Stop trying to hold her back with your mainstream tastes.
1st i agree with josh h

2nd she sould wear wat she wants
you freak wots wrong with u
Your sure it was a corset and not a basque or something?

If you don't like her clothes just offer to buy her a new outfit - go with her to the shop and point out things you like and say how stunning they'd look on her. Or if you're watching TV and see a woman in a nice dress say it'd look better on your GF, etc

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