Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How did you come out?

Another question asked just out of curiosity. Haha. I like hearing people's stories. Maybe this will even help some readers learn how to come out themselves!

I came out last September. I'm in college, and had befriended most of the people in one of my classes. I decided it was time for two things to happen. For me to accept the way I am, so I can get on with my life whatever way would make me happiest, and for people to know me for who I am- All things included. So I stayed up allll night thinking of a way to get the ball rolling. In the morning, just as I was supposed to be waking up for class, I called one of my friends from class and asked if I could trust her with something. Now I'm not a very trusting person, and I don't like to be vulnerable, so you can be pretty positive this girl was a good one :p Of course she said I could, so I told her I was gay. She was completely shocked, as I'm your typical gym-going, beer-drinking college student, but said she'd help me however I wanted. I really just wanted to tell her so I didn't back down with my plan. I went to class, and she helped me ease into coming out by telling the class in a humorous way: ';Hey everyone.. I think Josh has something he'd like to tell everyone! %26gt;.%26gt;';. lol. I about died being put on the spot like that, but it was a great way to get it going. So I basically explained that this was my first step toward something I felt I needed to do, and blurted it out. All were surprised, but very supportive. It was great. My family was awesome too. Hell... Even my GIRLFRIEND didn't kill me like I thought she would. lol. After coming out as gay, my new ';title'; got me to thinking about how well it fit me... And I decided I was definitely bisexual. I didn't bother correcting my status with anyone but my family and gf, who I am currently going on my third year dating :) It's been a little rough for the past half year or so, but we've managed to make things work so we're both happy.

Sorry for the long rant. I meant to keep it short. lol. Anyways, I'd like to hear your stories! Whether they're stories of your first coming out, or when you've told someone that didn't know!How did you come out?
damn why is it all the hot ones r gay.....u r hot!!How did you come out?
I came out as lesbian to my mum at the age of 13 in floods of tears.

Last time was Saturday night just gone and I drunkenly told a couple of people at a party about being bi.

GREAT news about how your girlfriend took you being bi, BTW!
I said, ';Don't get mad at me, ok? But... I'm gay.';

And then people began to cry and it was so sentimentalist-rubbish that I couldn't care less. Maybe I shouldn't have told anyone.
I was married (unhappily) when I fell head over heels for a young married woman next door. You know the tv commercial where the man puts on new glasses and he can see everyone in their underwear. That's what it was like for me. One minute we are talking about the weather and the next...... yoweeeeee!

I never got to act on those feelings but it helped me realize why I was unhappily married. I was in the wrong game. I talked to someone at the gay center and was able to come out without ever being in the closet. By the way, I got divorced.
I prefer not to make it such a huge deal so I don't really tell people unless the subject comes up (and it usually only comes up around other gay people). One day after school, my friends casually asked me if I was into girls and I explained that I was a little confused and wasn't sure. A year later I came out as lesbian (I was 17).. but I only told my 3 closest friends. Everyone else found out thru my facebook.
congrats reme

Every time I try to tell somebody (and I rarely do), they just blow it off like I’m joking... I did tell one lesbian chick though. She kept asking me if I thought this girl was cute so I told her ';I suppose she;s alright.'; She kept asking why I wasn't interested so I ended up whispering to her that I was gay. I'm surprised that more people don't ask me about my sexuality; I would be upfront if I liked them enough. Hmm, I sometimes wish more people would ask me; not that I care or anything it just bothers me a little that NOBODY important to me knows.
What a nice story bru, glad to hear it all went well for you and your family. Lucky that your g.f took it so well!

My story rather a short-brief one, I was on a school trip to Brazil and my best friend (male) and I decided to go out to a pub on our own, met some attractive nice brazilian girls head back to my hotel room. Did a couple of things discovered I couldn’t “perform” to well so I tried another girl the following day…that didn’t work to well in the bedroom either and Wah Lah! Discovered my sexuality :)

Anyhow feel free to return the love by commenting on my question:;_ylt=Ai4GlQM.H.u_SGUzhq2lCnLty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100427234559AA63tPs
To my close friends I just sort of told them I had some news and told them. To my family I wrote a letter. To acquaintances and people I work with I just started openly talking about my girlfriend. There's varying difficulty coming out depending on who you're coming out too. My family was the hardest because they are very religious. They had an intervention and cornered me in my parent's living room. Needless to say they weren't very supportive. You never know how people are going to react but you just hope for the best. In the end its better than lying to everyone... including yourself
I told my best friend at first. I thought he was alvin. yes, the chipmunk. lol we're best friends. any way, after that I started feeling better and started telling other friends. eventually I told my family.. and now I'm almost in ur face about it. XD but no quite. =) I trust my friends more than family, and they live in diferent parts of the world. =P my bff in in England. lol another friend I told before my family lives in norway. XD
This is going to sound really bizarre... But I actually gave everybody a riddle when I came out to them. I forced them to connect what I was trying to say to various inside references, or pop culture things... It was kind of odd.

When I came out to my mom, I used my friend. She had a girlfriend at the time, and my mom always bugged me because she thought my friend and I were together. So I basically said, ';You know how I said ____ doesn't have a boyfriend? Well... She doesn't.';

Basically, I had my mom deduce that she had a girlfriend, and then I was like, ';See? There's a reason we joke about being together.';

And then she kind of put it together, and asked if I was gay. So I said yes. And she thinks I'm going through a phase. xD But she tolerates it, so it's not so bad.
Mine was a pseudo-coming out =x

My mom and I were watching TV and there was a story about gay marriage. She said that it was wrong, but that confused me because she said she'd love me no matter what. So I told her ';What if I was gay?'; She responded ';Are you?';. I said yes and she started laughing =x My sister looked shocked too. My mom kept asking what guys I thought were cute and she was basically trying to be funny. When she told my dad he got mad and slammed the door to go out and drink =x I was able to convince my mom that I was joking because she was being so mean to gays and I think she bought since she's been asking me why haven't I gotten a girlfriend yet, but she definitely knows that I am =x
well, i told my closest friends (and although i didn't intend to) it got turned into a massive deal (although responses were positive).

now i just kind of let people know if it comes up, but i never go out of my way to be like ';oh heyyyy guess what? i'm bi! haha!';

i don't give a crap who knows, not that it concerns them in any way.

although, the only people who don't know are my family. i've never really been one to talk about boys or dating or whatever with my folks, so it would be weird to all of a sudden be like ';oh so i'm into girls';.

i figured i'll just let them know when its appropriate, like maybe when i'm a little older or if i start dating somebody seriously i'll be like ';oh hey this is my girlfriend';.

i don't think my dad will react badly. my mum will probably be ok too, its just my stepdad and brother i worry about.

eh, when im comfortable with them knowing they can know. until then who gives a crap ha

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