Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How can i stop getting horny?

Ok, so when im with my girlfriend.

We cuddle, except. I always have to have atleast my arm resting on my errect penis because, she always turns me on, and i don't know how to get unhorny.

Because, i don't want her to accidently feel it, and think that i want to have sex with her.

How can i unhornatize? (Become unhorny)

How can i stop getting horny?
think about things that turn you off or that dont make you errect. think about sports or something manlyHow can i stop getting horny?
WOW- well, if you want to have sex with her, maybe it is something you should talk about to get thru together-- AND if it is not the right time... (wait until you are married) then there are things you can do, maybe make ';rules'; for a while. Talk to her about it. She will understand and work it out with you if it is meant to be. Love is a funny thing somtimes. ALWAYS be honest and faithful- there are other things then sex you can do to show that you care. To get UNHorny.. nothing really but to change the way you think. if you think you want to have sex- but aren't ready, think about marriage and how you can't do it until you are wed- that's placing a restriction on yourself in a healthy way, but first and foremost, i would say to talk to her.
oh yea thats really nerve racking. dont worry ittle start calming down over time, and its really hard to defy hormones but its possible. I have done it, just kinda ignore the feeling, extreme pleasure is the cause of it, what you have to do is kinda split your mind off somwere else, like homework or whats on tv or whatever you are doing besides cuddleing, but be with her mentally too. what i am saying is ignore your feeling but dont go overboard to the point where you cant carry on a conversation if you guys are talking while cuddleing.

best of luck
Think of something to distract your mind from your erect penis. Baseball, airplanes, printer jams, Yahoo! Answers... something.

You may also want to invest a little alone time in being able to semi-deflate at will. Could go a long way if you don't wish your cuddly friend to find your not-so-cuddly friend.


You can just let her find things on her own and see where they go from there... not your fault her hand went that way.
I don't think there's any way to stop that.. my bf is 34 and still gets a ***** if I come hug him or sit on his knee. Just tell her its a guy thing lol. Or you could try the old ';think unsexy thoughts'; method. Like envision Jack Nicholson in a g-string or something.
All guys go through that.

Personally, I think it's cute. As long as you say nothing about it, I don't think your girlfriend will think you're with her for sex, most probably she will be flattered that you find her so attractive.
Everybody has their own way of dealing with that. And we all figure it out by ourselves. ;) Just keep yourself occupied while the two of you are together.
if you really need you can use some sprays which are sold in pharmacies.
try to do other thing when you are together like play a board game am sure that will keep your mind of being horny
why would you want too explore I am sure your girlfriend wont mind talk to her about it
how about just asking her if u two are ready.

fi not then what u can do is this thing called all my guy friends do it and yes they tell me.
lol idk!!!!! but all i can say that your not the only one in this world!!!
has she ever kissed you
you really cant man it happens just embrace it as a part of life

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