Friday, August 20, 2010

How can I get my girlfriend to open up for sex?

I really want my girlfriend to open up so i can have sex with her, if not then i'm going to cheat on her, and break up with her. What should i do?How can I get my girlfriend to open up for sex?
wow Dareed, you are one pathetic loser.How can I get my girlfriend to open up for sex?
Why don't you choose to be honest with her, and tell her you are really desperate to have sex with her, and if she chooses not to have sex with you that you intend to break up with her and have sex with someone else. Don't try to talk someone into sex just because you don't have any self control. She may not be ready for it. Who is to say that even if she does ';put out'; that you won't cheat on her anyway? Virginity is a very sacred thing to girls, and they don't just give it away at their boyfriends whim. If they do, then they haven't had the right role models, or dont' have enough respect for themselves. Don't hide your true motives from her, make it known so she will know what kind of person you truley are.
look, i work around people like you just about all day long, if you want to stay out of jail, i would recommend you not push her into it because both of you might not be ready and she can say that you forced her to do it. i hope that you reconsider because that is just not right what you are trying to do. i hope this helped and do something else so you wont be thinking about sex all the time because that is how people go to jail, trust me i work around people that had the same problem that you had, i work inside a high security prison.
well if you are going to cheat on her dude just break up with her its not worth the mess it brings trust me , set the mood right be romantic , relax her let her know everything is ok , that you will treat her well, and you will not hurt her , use candles and good music and dont be mean about it and then trust me she will open up fast ,,,,,,,
yo dude u must be a dumb *** .....Because if she thinks you will break up with her because she does not want to have sex that's putting pressure on her to do it and that is considered rape in PA if she does anything with you even if she says yes it is still rape and this blog thing is proff in court .(i only know that because we learned that 2 day in school so my advice is not to do anything with her unless she brings it up)oooo and this girl can do sooooo much better than u i may not no her but any girl deserves better
First of all, you're an idiot, sorry. You shouldn't make her have sex if she doesn't want to have sex - that's her decision, not yours. And if you're going to cheat on her and leave her because of it, then she definitely deserves better than you anyways. That is low. Real low. If you can't respect her and her choices and jsut wait then you should leave her, because that is wrong on so many levels.
Wow, you're a douche bag.

You don't pressure someone into sex, that's a huge step.

That's meant for marriage, or at the least, people who love each other.

You should go jump off a cliff b/c you're such an *** hole, that's my advice.

I can't believe all you people who are saying get her drunk, or talk her into it...if she doesn't want to, then she doesn't want to! **** all of you. OMG! Why would you even say something like that? First of all, it's wrong to have sex before marriage, MAYBE she has morals. Second of all, losing virginity is a HUGE deal, I lost mine by being pressured into it, and I regret it every day of my life, it has ruined my life, I hate even thinking about sex or thinking about sexual things whatsoever, it's so hard for me to even have a relationship anymore b/c of that. If I saw any of you, I would beat the **** out of all of you. This is a girl's life you are ******* with.
if your girlfriend doesn'tt want to have sex with you i say shes smart, i mean you sound like a total desperate jerk, i mean who would, when all you want from a realationship is sex. to losers like you it just seems like the only thing love means is Legs Open Very Easily

dude go catch yourself on fire and fall in a hole
confront her and ask her what her problem is about having sex with you.

Maybe it's the fact she doesn't feel ready to have sex yet.

And clearly you don't like her enough to wait until shes ready, which in that case the best things to do is to break up with her DO NOT CHEAT!!!!
Well then you really don't love her. It's just sex to you. Go ahead and break up with her and she can find someone who really loves her and not pressure her for sex. She will when she's ready. Don't pressure her or she will not trust you and you still won't get any.
Your question makes you sound young, hormonal, and inexperianced. If your girlfriend is not ready then she is not ready, there is no making her open up. you dont have to be in love to have sex, but it is just that sex, maybe that is not what she wants.
Well you are a total loser. So I'm not going to help you. As a matter of fact just break up with her in a decent way and go find a slut that is free and ';open'; with her body. That way your girlfriend can move on and find someone who is not such a jerk.
tell her that sex is really a important thing to you and that you might not be able to continue with the realtionship if she dosen't want to open up.

If she still dose not want to go through with it then break up with her gentley....
Thats a sad thing. You should care more about a girl than to have sex with her. If she isnt ready than you need to accept that. Your a weak person if you have to cheat on her your better of breaking up with her instead of putting her through that. Your selfish.
go **** your self and if i knew you i would **** you up that girl is not ready do her a favor and let her go **** im a guy and i want sex but i know how to wait if you want it that bad stake your hand and jake your dick ******* ashole
why do you want to force something like that on someone you obviously don't even care about? Some people actually need a real connection to have sex with someone.

Spare her the STDs and break up. Find someone as shallow as yourself
break up with her then go get laid! you are a pathetic lw mother ******! how long have you been together? there is nothing that you can do if she does not want to have sex and yu won't take no for an answer then you leave that is that!
Try not being a big tool, you shouldn't be having sex if what you're writing here is a demostration of your maturity level. It's ******* like you who are populating the world with morons. Just like your parents.
you can just ask if she wants to hang out in your place .

or walk her home and give a signal that you want to go up with her.

answer mine plz;鈥?/a>
dump her and save her the aggravation and heart break over someone who is not even worth it. Your disgusting and guys like you don't deserve to be with anyone because you do not respect women.
How about treating your girlfriend with respect and love? saying that you'll cheat on her and break up with her if she won't put out shows your a total ***.

I hope you girlfriend dumps you and finds a better man.
You answered your own question. Suppose you do have sex. Ready for all that emotional involvement? Sex is like smoking and alcohol, easy to start not so easy to stop.
your a loser! im a guy and i believe sex shouldnt be the main thing. if u care about her u wouldn't care and let her take her time. i think she won't do it because a skumbag like u is probably asking her over and over
seriously, get her drunk or high, put some nice music on, n set the mood. :)
It's either you're really young and stupid and probably aren't mature enough to have sex or you're just a horrible boyfriend and should probably date your hand!
Wow, thats pathetic!

i can tell youre a fcukin virgin by the way youre so desperate to get laid.


i hope she breaks up with you first, and then i hope you get aids
sit her down and tallk to her.

To be honest though, i think that youre a bit of a jerk. Going to dump her just because she wont have sex with you!
Nice. I can tell you truly care about your girlfriend and love and respect the ground she walks on. You truly are an awesome boyfriend.
umm dont pressure her ibnto sex its called rape you can go to jail if she presses charge talk with her tell her your read for sex if not leave her tell her you need a girl whos more sexual
Yep Dareed, you are a pathetic loser with no sense of respect for anyone other than yourself. Judging from other people's comments, I think that the majority of them agree also.
you should breakup with her. Tell her the truth about how you feel. Remember KARMA is a mother....! You need a relationship that the feelings are mutual.
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