Wednesday, August 18, 2010


last time i had a girlfriend she turned to be a gangster, and i cant find her even though i love her so much and keep missing her. Now i wanna change my life, but what should i do and how should i behave, coz i'm feeling bad and always down coz of this girls dishonesty. one thing i am sure of is hook up with another but i think i am changed and it aint easy for me. could you girls ADVISE me???Girlfriend?
LOL, please don鈥檛 mind it, but believe me your question made me smile. Hmmm don鈥檛 tell your new G/F about your Ex turned gangster. She will get scare from you. If you want to change your life,Good,this is what you have to do now. Go ahead.

1.Redecorate your apartment, change the whole colour scheme (if its possible) or just redecorate only to get rid of old memories.

2.Quit what ever makes you remind her. Songs or Movies鈥r anything.

3.Go out, meet new ppl, and take a trip somewhere. (Where ever you can afford).

4.Ask your friends to introduce you to some one. Your friends G/Fs can help you.

5.Buy some new dresses.

6.Go to park daily, for walk (good spot, you can meet someone there)

7.Look around, pay attention to your colleagues, may be there is any girl interested in you.

I hope it will work for you. Move on man, JUST remember one thing may be it happened for your own good. I think she was a trouble and did you hear? A man is known by his company he keeps. Good Luck ..All The BEST.:)Girlfriend?
never change yourself to be with someone. the ';right'; girl will come along and she'll love you for you. dont change yourself unless it is for yourself.
why change for a girl? be yourself, live your life, have fun, in time a girl will come without you knowing she'll be your gf
Try joining a youth group in your area. Youth groups are a great way to meet new (nice) people and worship God. God will help you through anything. Youth groups do all kinds of activities too so it's not just listening to someone talk all the time. You have fun too. (It's also a great way to meet nice girls) Good Luck!

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