Friday, August 20, 2010

How can I help my girlfriend get over her fear of kissing?

I knew my girlfriend's ex boyfriend and well, he pretty much forced her into kissing him. Now I'm going out with her and i want to help her out. I want her to feel comfortable kissing again. Any tips? How can I help my girlfriend get over her fear of kissing?
You have to start out slow. don't push her and don't alk about it too much, that will only build pressure on the topic. Watch how Rocky does it in the first Rocky movie. he Tells her he is going to kiss her... ... she doesn't have to kiss him back if she doesn't want to. Then he slowly kisses her gently. he kisses her again and she kisses him back. It is the single most romantic scene in any movie in I don't know, THE WORLD?!? learn from the champ. I know that movies are hardly real life, but follow the example. He gives her freedom, respect, then a kiss. I suggest you begin with just little kisses on her cheek, Then move down her neck. then move closer to her mouth again. Be sure to let her know your intentions so their are no surprises. And tell her to let you know if she starts feeling frantic or frightened. Then intend on kisssing her on the corner of the mouth closed at first, then gently kiss the corner of her mouth adding some tongue to it. Always brush your teeth and floss/rinse before kissing a woman and never shove your tongue in her mouth until you caress her alittle first. and by corner of her mouth I don't mean kiss one side of her mouth, I mean kiss her so that slightly more of her cheek is in your mouth than her actual mouth. and NEVER use too much tongue. Use just enough tongue to feel her's against yours... rub ends, you dig? then you can move closer ands closer to a full french kiss. That is my advice and I hope it serves you well.How can I help my girlfriend get over her fear of kissing?
well just yea take it slow. but if u do wait for her that could take forever too. so just when you think the moment is right. like you can be holding her hand and if you guys are holding hands and look into eachothers eyes for a couple seconds, do it then. but dont stand there looking at her waiting too long or she will just look away. and move in kind of slow. and dont kiss her on the cheek first, for sure do the real thing first. hey good luck man!
Start out slow, such as cuddling and kissing on the cheek. She will eventually become comfortable with kissing you, because she will be more comfortable with you. So yes, start out slow and do not rush.
Patience is key,let her come to you.
dont rush into it

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