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How does my girlfriend turn from a true lady into a revolting monster?

My girlfriend is perfectly ladylike during the day and out in public but i am truly bothered at night when she is sleeping she passes wind. It's not even like its a quiet ladylike fart either its loud and disturbing!

I end up physically revolted when this happens and it lowers my opinion of her. How do i talk to her about this without embarrassing her too much?How does my girlfriend turn from a true lady into a revolting monster?
Try not mentioning it to her and slipping some beano at her during dinner. That way you don't have to bring it up and they're ';bea-no'; gas.How does my girlfriend turn from a true lady into a revolting monster?
is she drinking your beer at night either way its time to get rid of this excuse of a woman

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What sort of diet does your girlfriend have? She may be eating foods that are not good for her or these foods are simply not being digested properly. When is the last time that she had a complete medical checkup just to make certain that she is healthy?

When she is sleeping, I imagine whatever foods she has ingested during the day are being digested by her system....which makes me wonder - what time at night does she have dinner and/or snacks? Perhaps if she has a late night snack or eats dinner or supper late, then that might be a reason why she is farting.

I have to admit I am a little surprised at how disconcerting this is for you.

If you want to approach her about this situation, make certain that you are alone and not in earshot of anyone around you and let her know that when she sleeps, she emits gas and you wonder if she is aware of this fact - and if she is not, then explain that you find it a bit uncomfortable when she does it.

Then suggest a doctor check up and take it from there.

Good Luck!
the problem here isn't her and if it is, it's not her fault because she cannot control what she does while she's unconsicous.

you chose to be with her so that means u have to accept ur fate because this situation does not affect her, it affects you so other than trying to get her to stop, you shoud also find ways to get used to it.

I've seen other couples like you, and because they love each other, when one of them farts loudly, the other laughs so maybe u don't love her enough to appreciate it.

that said, u need to say it point blank to her, it's the only way u can know if u shloud stay together, if she takes it as a constructive critism, fne if not, then maybe u should think aabout being with each other.

On the other hand, I suggest u talk to a doctor or therapist to find out why she farts like that and how to solve the problem.

What good is talking to her going to do? ';Hey honey, did you know that you turn into a revolting monster at night when you fart in your sleep? It really lowers my opinion of you.';

Girls fart, they poop and they even burp. *GASP* I know, ALL women are revolting monster because we can't control our bodily functions.

If this honestly revolts you then I suggest that you break up with her. Although I don't know what good that would do because the next girl is going to do the same thing... and she might even be AWAKE when it happens.

Why don't you just sleep on the couch.
okay yea its okay to fart, but in a closed room with shut windows tucked into some blankets it is not okay to let out a long moist fart. that is just wrong no matter what the gender. girls fart of course thye do but she kind of needs to tone down the rudeness. talk to her one on one. make sure no one is around if shes the sensitive type. she cant be too sensitive farting in the bed like that. tell her directly and honestly ';Baby stop fartnig like that in the bed please, or at least aim the other way.'; MAybe she'll be upset but guess what she'll get over it. yall are in a relationship bigger things are going to come up other than farts in the bedroom. so take this as an intimacy building excercise.
If she's sleeping she can't help it! Geesh!

I would just tell her flat out (gently of course) and buy her a box of gas-x.

Start the conversation with ';Honey, you know I love you, right?'; Then compliment her and then tell her nicely that she farts really loudly in the middle of the night and it's disturbing your sleep.
hahah.. this made me laugh.. but i think i do understand what your talking about i think that yes everyone does it but if it bothers you, you do need to talk to her about it. to start you always say something nice. so your conversation can be like this. ........ i love you so much you know that. and you know that your my girl. i love hanging out with you and i love hanging out with my guy friends.. but when i leave hanging out with my friends i don't want to come back to them too. then she'll be like what?.. what are you talking about. then you could be like. okay so guys do weird things cause there guys but i don't think that girls should do it too. i mean like by me and i think that its disgusting. then you could tell her what she does. she will get embarrsed and might cry if she's sensitive but at the end whatever she does i want you to tell her that she is the best and that no matter what she does you'll always like her. and then you can just laugh it off. but don't tell her friends or any of your friends cause that might be embarrising to her and you don't want everyone to hear that. hope i helped. =)
She is just being human. We as human pass gas. It is the nature of how our bodies are made. We use food as fuel and some foods have the propensity to make folk pass more gas than normal. It is the make up of her body. You and I might eat the same kinds of food and not expel any gas. Deal with that fact that she is human. If that is all that trouble you, you are fortunate indeed.
Haha this is funny. I know what you mean. What should she do, try harder not to fart while she's sleeping? lol There's nothing you can do except look past it and love her unconditionally, meaning regardless of natural bodily things. lol still laughing :)
If she don't beat you up, belittle you, make you feel like dirt, humiliate you or control you she is NOT a revolting monster.

She is a lady with an embarrassing problem - there are worse things in life to worry about.
doesnt matter what you look like, if your male or female what you eat, if you change your diet! EVERYONE FARTS!


its just like your gf asking the same question and she thinks 'lower' of you would you like that?

get over it
Either you are having a laugh, in which case, hahaha very funny...

or you are being serious, in which case omg she is HUMAN and you need to grow up %26amp; get over it.

btw, she SH1TS aswell...sorry to break it to you.
seriously men do it all the time at least she don't do it in public and embarrass u like that and when she does this around you she feels comfortable with u and u should be thankful for that
I would just pull her aside (no one near or around you). Tell her that you love her but you would appreciate it if she didn't cut the cheese while you are sleeping. And might I suggest you get a plug in air freshener.
Tell her about it and have her change her diet,do this directly.Also make sure she goes to the washroom before sleep as to reduce her ';ammunition';.
what will you tell her stop farting....? could you do that if she asked you in a lady like manner? i guess not not everybody is perfect but atleast she came close and you should thank god.
she was sleeping... i would give her a break.

and i think if you bring it up, you will embarrass her.

just let it be or if you really can't handle it, break up with her?
Everybody farts, some louder than others. Advise her that she does this - if she is a lady, she'll be mortified.
its a natural bodily function, and if shes asleep theres nothing she can do about it, im sure its not on purpose!

men burp and fart aswell but we still put up with you.
That's gross, maybe she should change her diet. Find out if she's overindulging in something.
tell her that when your sleeping shes more of a man than you are sometimes..
every body farts. there is no such thing as ';lady farts'; it's farts. especially when you're asleep. who can control that?
It's normal bodily functions. But I guess if that's a deal-breaker you could nicely tell her so.
haha legendary question,

sorry can't help you much there. a girl will be offended by that no matter how you say it

just thought i'd reply to say good luck man
Maybe she's lactose intolerant? Her diet probably is making her gassy. It happens to all of us.
a tleast she doesnt do it in public.

just think how embassed she would be if you told her?

every girl has to break wind at some point if that lowers ur opinion of her then ur a jerk sorry x
Light one up - that will stop her !
s h i t happens
hey guess what,

girls go poop too!!

your so shallow.

its just a fart.
woman 4 u lad ;-)

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