Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How can I tell my girlfriend that she has bad breath?

I met this new girl a couple of months ago and she is really nice, but often her breath is quite bad. I don't know how to tell her nicely. Any advice?How can I tell my girlfriend that she has bad breath?
had her a toothbrush and say ';get busy';

keep chewing gum handyHow can I tell my girlfriend that she has bad breath?
Any relationship starts with honesty and if it is going to last telling the girl friend straight out that she has bad breath should have no effect on it. Just don't be rude about it.
omg stop stop sop!!!!! never tell her!!! she will be mortified!!! im sorry but plzzzzzzzzz just put up with it!!
Just tell her that her breath smells kin of funny. Probably from someting you ate. Have a mint.
have one of her friends tell her nicely. you cant be the only one who notices.
offer her a breath mint??
If you care about you must tell her. Tell her there is something she needs to know about her self. Try to find a nice way and help her deal with the problem. If you don't tell her, she could be hurt by someone else telling her who mite not care for her feeling like you do. Protect he how before its too late. Its the right thing to do
Get gum and offer some to her..or maybe even mints.
Offer her some gum
Offer her some breath mints...?

Edit: Oh, like offering breath mints is a BAD thing?
i can relate because my boyfriend sometimes has bad breath. I was thinking about buying some mints and asking him if he wants some. other than that, im just going to put up with it.

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