Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How does it feel to be liked?

By a boyfriend/girlfriend? I imagine it to be such a good feeling to have a person that likes you so much, must be amazing. Ive never had a girlfriend and Im very curious to how it will be; Im 18. A girl that would want to die without you, imagine.How does it feel to be liked?
i reckon it makes me more comfortable with the way i am and more confident because there is someone out there that will like you the way you are.How does it feel to be liked?
Being liked is like being spoiled. You get the benefits, but you don't really appreciate what goes on for someone to like you a lot. Love is not simply about ';being liked';, though. What if some ugly or fat girl likes you? No, you need to like them back. And that's the hard part--to have 2 people feel the same way about each other. If they don't, someone will get hurt. And most people in life get hurt, so be prepared for heartbreak. I made the mistake, after getting hurt by a girl, to only date girls that like me a lot. But after a while, I realized I didn't like them as much as they liked me, and they found out, and nobody was happy anyway. So you must risk something in love, if it is to be meaningful. To be liked, in itself, is like getting free money. It's nice, but because you didn't try to earn it, you have less respect for it, and you might blow it on something stupid.
I've never made it past the liking stage to actually be in a relationship, but to have a guy like me makes me special. I feel good and can't believe it, really.
a girl that would want to die with u? thats love, liking is pretty sweetand cute, i like it when girls like me, and when they flirt, its so cute...but yeah it feels good, and flattering
I sure would like to know.

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