Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I broke up with my long distant girlfriend. She told me there was a guy she like that was better than me. She thanked me for nothing and I have helped her out and gave her gifts and more stuff. Now I dont know how to get over this I fell like such a loser she didn't even like me. all advice welcom thanksGirlfriend?
wat i think is that....long distance relationships never really work out. you don't know whats behind closed doors. is it better 2 know that you're with the girl and know what is happening or would you rather find out she's doing things behind ur back. relationships like that don't last bcz u guys rnt 2gther as much u dunt c each other and obviously she will go out and meet new pple and end up falling for sum1 else. and buying gifts for her is not a way of showing you love her...she'll just take advantage and that's what she did. 2 help get over this situation....go out with ur friends....go clubbing and go crazyyy!!! dats wat i did it really helped. keep urself occupied as much as possible:) u'll forget dat she even exsisted:)

hope i helped u:)Girlfriend?
happends all the time. women say all kinds of sh** to make you feel useless. Just takes time to get over it.
Hey Brad

Is is a fact of the human condition that relationships end.

However, decent people dont make the injured party feel like your ex has made you feel. What she has said is a reflection on her, not you.

Do not pay her comments any mind, and please do NOT get to thinking that all women are like her, we are not.

No decent woman wants you to shower her with matierial possessions. We are interested in who you are, how you think

and doing stuff together that's worthwhile.

The experience of meeting different people is a sorting process; the more people we engage with, the better we become at learning which ones to avoid before we become attached to them.

Everyone has to go through this. Time heals (almost) everything. It will definitely heal your hurt over this unkind person.

Good luck

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