Friday, August 20, 2010

How do I make my girlfriend feel special?

My girlfriend is the best,but when ever I tell her that she is beautiful,she denies it....What can I do or say to her so she knows the way I feel about her %26amp; how much she means to me?How do I make my girlfriend feel special?
i think she's only denying it because she craves for more of your attention, if she's putting herself down..then that should be an indication that she's negative about her looks and insecure. Give her a spa day or treat her to a shopping spree or manicure..anything related to looks, because afterwards you can spoil her with your attention ^.^ try it out.How do I make my girlfriend feel special?
Tell her you love her. Presto. But you have to mean it or else.
sometimes just hanging out and showing a little affection

is all it takes
write her a love letter with your true feelings.
gie her romantic things and talk to her like you mean it.........
gift....And romantical stuff lol
spunk in her face. they love that

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