Monday, August 16, 2010

How do i get over not trusting my girlfriend?

I have a girlfriend of 7 months, first few were amazing then kinda began to get a bit trouble some. she was a big party girl when i meet her and always the hottest one at the parties, somehow she chose me to date. i hate being away from here even if its just a few hours or a night. She is going to a big party tonight and im really uncomfortable. I get the feeling she will get a better guy and dump me, and i told her these feelings and she still is going. When she wants to go out with her best friend over me i get very pissed off, i feel like when she is with me she isnt having fun, then when she oes out she is having the time of her life

what do i do, tips advice, tricks to help me not think about it!How do i get over not trusting my girlfriend?
Honestly it sounds like trust isn't the issue here. Seems like you're a bit insecure. You can't change someone into who you want them to be. If she liked partying before you started dating, she won't stop wanting to party just because she has a boyfriend now. Your insecurities could push her away because she'll feel smothered. Have you ever gone to a party with her? Some girls go to parties just to let loose and have fun, not necessarily to hook up with other guys. Maybe if you went with her sometimes she'd see that you're confident and want to enjoy things that she enjoys. Perhaps in return, she'll do things with you that you enjoy. Good luck!How do i get over not trusting my girlfriend?
Stop caring so much, how can you have fun if you are being paranoid?

Okay lets assume she finds another guy and starts dating him and leaves you in a few weeks she will find another and another then eventually realize her life is messed up.

Live your life, end of the day its going to be just you against the world.

If she knows what you are worth then she wouldn't make you feel so down to begin with.

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