Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey All,

I am needing help I get really nervous with social situations which to that incurs me to be an introvert.

I wondered if you could assist me with a question I have how do you meet a girlfriend I get really nervous when around alot of people and just like a quiet life.

I wondered if you could tell me or explain to me how you would meet a girlfriend that would understand my social nervous debility to an extent.

I wondered I have always wondered I get extremly tempremental on the subject!

If someone could help me with this that would be beneficial.Girlfriend?
What hobbies do you enjoy?

If you join a club then that is a great way to meet a girl in a different seting to a pub or club.

You would already have something to talk about and have some of the same interests.

What do you enjoy doing? Reading? model making? cooking? Anything at all?

The I can suggest places to meet people.Girlfriend?
Just assess the situation to use a bit more strategy in your fewer moves you make, it will add further emphasis. Watch out for that whole ';stalker'; syndrom thing and try to use peripheral vision at all times for assessing. If you don't talk that's fine just make your presence known physically.

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i personally know how you feel with this,i,m completly the same alway's have been i tend to have a couple of drinks before going out only a couple though and it tends to make me less nervous,previous partners thrived on my insecurites and used to put me in very difficult situations like this,just keep saying to yourself everyone has been in this situation sometime and we will come out stronger ppl.sorry if ans bit to long.p.s. you are among millions of ppl who feel as you do alway's be yourself alot of women like a shy guy.take care
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