Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How can I convince my boyfriend NOT to join the marine core?

I have ran out of options, so I turn here for help. I have tried reasoning and talking with my boyfriend but he still insists of joining the marine core. I even told him that i will consider ending our relationship, if he does not comply with my demands. I wish the best for him and it is certainly not the marine core, I am confident that he can do things much greater than the marines. He is both Intelligent, handsome, and gentle. His characteristics run contrary to the typical qualities of a soldier, usually rough and not the brightest people in the world. I do not want him to be a tool for the corporate elite, be disable nor kill innocent people. Please help me convince him to go to college, he is ranked number one. He can get accepted in to any university he desires. I think it is the ranging hormones in him, I told him I am not impressed by heartless and wicked tools like the marines. ( I think he may be trying to join to impress me) This is not his typical behavior, he has always listen to me but as of lately it seems that I have be losing influence over his decisions. Which seems strange because we have been dating since we were 13 now 18. He has always obeyed me, at school I have chosen his classes for the past four years and arranged his schedule to match mine. HE does not understand the he NEEDS TO LISTEN TO ME, I AM HIS GIRLFRIEND.How can I convince my boyfriend NOT to join the marine core?
I think that a desire to serve ones country is a really amazing thing. To imply that soldiers are unintelligent is extremely offensive. If it were not for those brave men and women risking their lives everyday, who would protect your freedoms?

Did you ever think he's joining the military to get away from having to ';obey'; you?

Sounds like you've got a lot of growing up to do.How can I convince my boyfriend NOT to join the marine core?
If you love someone, you support their wishes and their you clearly do not love him. Break up with him so he can find someone who DOES love him enough to support his dreams and goals.
You can't make someone not do something even if you disagree with it.

I was married to a marine and it's tough but you shouldn't force your feelings on him. Tell him how you feel and then support his decision. If you feel you can't handle it then you need to move on.

Making him feel backed into a corner or having to choose between you and the Corpe will only make him resent you and make him want the Corpe even more.
Well it looks like you are loosing your control over him Thank him for his service for me.
*Marine Corps.

I'm pretty offended at everything you are saying. As if being a Marine is not an honor on it's go on to insult Marines by suggesting they are unintelligent in some way. My husband was a Marine, served in Iraq, and I am proud of him and all that he has accomplished. It's an honor to have a Marine as my husband. You're a loser.
It's Marine Corps. You are a girlfriend....that holds little or no water when it comes to 'convincing' a man to do anything. If wives could be replaced, think about how much easier it is to replace a mere girlfriend.

You have absolutely no right to ask someone to put aside their dreams for you. Stand down. People don't even use the word OBEY in marriage vows. Who do you think you are? I am thinking troll.
Nelly, you are close to the bottom of shallow. First it's corps, and if you think soldiers are dumb, you don't know squat. Has it occurred to you that he might be trying to get away from you and your snobbish attitude? Yep, he is tired of OBEYING you. And the good news is the Marines will make a mn out of him. The Pansy that you know will be long gone as soon as his basic is over. The way you talk, A real man with any backbone might be able to make a decent woman out of you. But, I doubt it.
You threatened to dump him if he ';does not comply with my demands';? Oh, Honey - that will certainly backfire on you.. If he joins the marine corps (note the correct spelling of the word) you will have to follow through on your silly ultimatum.

You think soldiers are rough and stupid? Prepare to be eaten for lunch for that.

Perhaps the reason he wants to join so badly is to get away from a domineering woman. Do you have any idea how pushy you are? He can (and will!) decide for himself what career path he takes, whether you are ';not impressed'; or he quits ';always listens to me'; and you no longer have ';influence over his decisions';.

If you want someone to ';obey'; you, get a dog.

And Honey - you could just as easily NOT be his girlfriend.
Welp ! I guess he's all growed up now and striking off without you Ma .
Ok I can see your actiully oinly hating the Marnie Corps because of your BF.But the wars from 1990-to present weren't needed.Just let him do what he wants.Now if he comes crying back to you say no.If you go rying back ti him he should say no.
This is why you will never be his wife. You cannot control him. Either support him or be prepared for him to leave you behind.
Since this was the answer you gave to a question about the war on another board:

';To KBR, the company that made billions off the death of countless innocent people'; ....

and you've posted THIS question in more than one place, I'm thinking this is MORE about soldier-bashing than being a genuine ';LOVING'; GIRLFRIEND.


But just in case you are for real:

';If you LOVE something SET IT FREE...';

Chinese Proverb

***** Peace / Out *****
I find this offensive.

I am a Marine.

I am intelligent.

Stop asking this question over and over again. Your stupidity is showing.

if the marine corps wanted men to have wifes,, they would issue one,,,,2/5 1st mar div 80-86,,, your nothing but a puke,,, sounds like your a commie,,,blood makes the grass grow,,didnt you know that?
Your a psychopath! How in the world do you think you have the right to control someone like that? ';I chose all of his classes'; bullsh*t. I will call troll on this one. Sounds like the marines will be good for him.....
HUH? You are losing influence over his decisions?

Okay, it's probably not the raging hormones setting in.

He's probably just tired of his controlling girlfriend going crazy over everything he wants to do that is not acceptable in her eyes. Sometimes people grow up and apart. Maybe allowing him to live his life, make his own decisions, and stand by him will bring you closer and show him that you really do care. Or maybe he will realize how narrow minded and crazy you are.


ha! many WIVES don't even have that mindset!

It's his life, let him choose how he wants to live it, or accept the fact that you may push him to choose whether he can continue with the relationship.
';I even told him that i will consider ending our relationship, if he does not comply with my demands.';...';He has always obeyed me';. Jeez, what is he, your frickin' lap dog? You need to get over yourself and he needs to grow a pair, then tell you to get lost. You're obviously an immature, self-centered, princess wannabe.
Keep trying girl! It looks like only you have brain for whats really means to go kill ppl or to get killed. Speak with his parents, best fr., explain to him that you are scared of this and find out what is the reason for his decision

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