Friday, August 20, 2010

How can i give my girlfriend an orgasm on Valentines Day ?

I don't think shes ever had a proper one off me, or im never sure if she has, because i've never heard her moan or anything. She likes sex a lot but it seems to be relaxed, never jumping around screaming orgasmic sex. I saw a question 2 minutes ago about some girl who cant help screaming whilst shes having sex, and I want my girlfriend to be able to do that :(

Any tips please ?How can i give my girlfriend an orgasm on Valentines Day ?
Simple answer: DON'T. Sex should be between only a man and his wife, just like the Lord Jesus said. God Bless!How can i give my girlfriend an orgasm on Valentines Day ?
you gotta stir her up like a pot. start off real slow and then work up the intensity, go in waves like that and make sure she's feeling you the whole time. if she seems too ';relaxed'; ask her flat out ';what do you want me to do for you'; ask her if she wants it fast or slow, hard or soft or maybe a few thrusts that are as deep as you can go and hold it in for a few seconds at a time. that usually gets the ladies going real nice. just keep trying new things and ask her ';like this?'; ';like this?'; etc
Some girls aren't the screaming type - they just like to enjoy it in silence. May sound weird but true. Maybe let her be in charge - let her be the one on top. If the girl is in control, then she is able to sense what feels good. On the other hand, if the guy is in charge, he is more likely to make himself feel good rather than please his woman. A woman likes power, too.
Ask her to guide you. Different women like different things. The clit and the g-spot are the main events for almost all women though ... we do have different ways we like them being touched.

Also, not all women are screamers. I'm not. I'm a quiet person and I may moan a little and breath differently, but I've never screamed and I've definitely had orgasms. Actually, sometimes when I feel the best my mind is so blank that I'm literally speechless.
Discover the clitoris. Consider purchasing and using a vibrator. Ask her what she likes and what feels good and then do it.
Tell her how good it makes you feel. How good she looks while having sex and give it to her harder to make her scream and want more.
Get her a vibrator that they call ';the silver bullet';. That should get her raring to go within seconds.
doggy style is the easiest way to hit the g-spot.
another man lol im just joking
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