Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My girlfriend said she is old fashion. How should i act around her in general and how I should act during a date? Where would be a good place to go on a date with her?Girlfriend?
open doors for her..compliment her... treat her parents with respect, wait until she sits before u sit down, just have great manners in general.

Olive Garden


somewhere fancy like thtGirlfriend?
Go to a fun place, like a theme park. Or a nice restauran or movie theater. Or even a fast food place or general restaurant (ex. red robins or Rubys)

As to behaivior, always act like a gentlemen. Only do nice guy gentlemen flirts at first. If you want to do some sexual flirts after that understand that you need to start little, slow, and clean. Then find the boundries. Also she may not like it if you embarress her in public. Also always let her know your feelings for her and what you think of her. Dont be too restrained or too clingy.
A girl that is old fashioned want to be treated like a lady so to speak. Certain things to do for her, paying the bill at dinner, opening doors for her that includes car doors and any others, pulling her chair out for her, helping her with her coat, flowers are nice but don't over do it some girls can see this as a way to buying their heart and that can be insulting, be polite and do not burp or any of those other out of manner things you would do with your boys. Remember a girl who is old fashioned most likely has a strong family base and you should ask to meet her father or mother and get on good terms with them. As for a place to take her, take her to a quaint restaurant not too over the top but nothing like a Fridays, little Italian place with great food are nice or a surf and turf place make sure that she doesn't have any diet restrictions so she will be able to have a great meal there ex: vegetarian. And when you go make sure you dress nice no sneakers or hats.

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