Friday, August 20, 2010

How do you have a girlfriend without your parents finding out? im 14 about to start high school any tips?

I am not allowed to have a girlfriend but i really really like this girl in my neighborhood my parents think she is bad (sluttish). Any way i have a girlfriend without my parents knowing.. Thanks in advance.How do you have a girlfriend without your parents finding out? im 14 about to start high school any tips?
Just try to lie as little as possible. Believe me there was a day where I lied quite a bit, just little white lies, and everybody figured out I was lying. So I stopped and all my friends trust me better. Now my one friend who tries to be way too much like me lies all the time and nobody likes her. So lie as little as possible.

Maybe tell you should tell your parents ';I'm going to the mall with *male friend your parents like*. I'll be back around four.'; or something like that. They should probably say yes. But before you go, ask your girlfriend if she could also ask her parents if she could head to the mall with a friend. You four could meet up and then you and your girlfriend should eat lunch together or catch a movie.

This way you're not lying completely. You did in fact go to the mall with your friend, then you met up with some other girls. I hope I helped, and good luck!How do you have a girlfriend without your parents finding out? im 14 about to start high school any tips?
Believe it or not parents have been there and can sometimes pick up on things you can't.You should listen to them because it seems they are looking out for you.Hiding things from your parents only leads to problems in your relationship with them,it is always best to be open and honest with everyone,especially your parents.Even though it seems they are getting in your business they have their reasons.If you ever want your parents to eventually trust and respect you then you have to trust and respect them to show them you can be trusted.
Just be careful. Your parents are just looking out for your future and have more experience than you sizing people up. You have your whole life ahead of you and have plunty of time for girls man. If you feel overwhelmingly attracted to this girl though just take it slow and be careful.. have to remember she has parents too. A good way to spend time together is to find a friend who's parents don't mind having multiple people of your age group over of both sex's. This way it looks more like a coincidental meeting. Or try getting involved in after school activity's together that aren't too popular that don't tend to take an attendance. In the mean time, phone/text messages will keep it alive until you guys can figure something out. I'm sure your parents will loosen up over time to where you can finally introduce her to them. If she is a nice girl they will realize it and will feel a lot more comfortable about the idea of you guys hanging out in your room with the door open or something. Just don't let them catch you sneaking around with her or they will never trust you. Best to make things look coincidental. Goodluck.
if she is bad dont go for her, it will be bad for you. Dont tell them.
Just go for it, if you like someone and you want her just go for it. Personally i don't like the idea of ';Not being aloud'; but then again that's your parents style. There is no way in hiding it, only going for it and waiting to see how long you go without getting caught.

I'd say why not, but its your own choice.
Its difficult hiding a relationship from your parents. And its gonna be harder for you to tell them since you know that they dont like her. either find another girl, or you sit down and calmly explain to the 'rents how you feel about this particular girl. Best of luck
if they dont ask , then you dont have to mention her at all

just dont leave things in your room that might make them wonder or have your msn convo with her open on your computer so that your parents might be able to read it
lie.... tell them your going over to your friends house but hang out with her instead.... talk mostly at school or on the computer or texting.. and tell your rents that its your best friend...stuff like that

(M.J's girl... using her sisters profile)
dont tell them....... call her from your room only bring her back when there out ect.

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well bro you gotta just lie when ever you go to her house ive been saying i was going to my friend down the street for years she live half a mile away and im 13
dont tell them? my sis didnt tell them until like 4years after so yeah :) she was 13 now shes 17

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