Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Can I Be A Better Girlfriend?

I love my Girlfriend Ellie, but I am not a good Girlfriend.

I am trying, but I don't know how. Please help me.

Help me to show her I am trying.How Can I Be A Better Girlfriend?
OMG! All this credizism from yahoo guys. Love is a specail thing, i no that, if its with a girl and girl it doesnt matter, to be honest im not lyk that, bt its a lifestyle choice, and love is love in any froms or ways!

To be a good girlfriend, for any girl, is honestly to be yourself, spend time with the person u love and be confident that ur doing a good job at it. If u get the confidence and stop asking, 'how can i be better?' the person u love, if its love sould feel that.

For example, if u have the corage to set away more time to do stuff with them, instead of worring if its too less or too much, it sould be fine!

Alot of ppl ask themselves such questions. So dont worrie urself ok, just set aside those question and spend time with ur love. Maybe even look back at those questions somethings and look at what u can do for the person u love instead of looking to negatves.

Allways when in love look to the brighter side, and if in the end (not saying that'll happen to u, its just the reality of most things) and if in the end it doesnt work out there is a little heartbreak, bt even a broken heart can look back at healing scares of a fond memory with a smile.

Good luck for Valentines day, have a good one!How Can I Be A Better Girlfriend?
Charli I think you are probably the best girlfriend there is. Shame on Ellie for not treated like the Queen you are. I think you deserve better and should kick her *** to the curb.

Charli, will you forget about Ellie and marry me?? I will buy you that pink washing machine, pink silk sheets, and that very very expensive pink %26amp; diamond pen that you like so much.
Maybe you could take her out to dinner or something. or just have a nice romantic night in. she prolly knows that you are trying to be a good girlfriend or sit down with her and talk to her about it and ask her what can you do for her to make you a better girlfriend.
she should know that you are being a good girlfriend. i think that if she likes you then she should put up with all of you crap. she should know what your like and accept it.
Alright...that's it. We need to get back to basics here. Half our contacts want you, half our contacts want me....how about we just give in and have one big orgy fest....all girl of course.
Aww - you 2 are so wanted %26amp; loved!!!! stay together - u 2 make a cute couple

Now as for not being a good girlfriend - who said that? Just show her that you love her all the time and u'll be right
Half the crowd love Ellie,

half the crowd loves Charli,

the two of them love each other


And me, I wuv youse all
I don't want to help you Charli, I want you to marry me instead.
I'm with Nat. I want Ellie.
What the hell??

You posted this into the wrong section.
let her put the strap on on and get u up the azz jajaja
I don't care for gay people.

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