Monday, August 16, 2010

How can i get my girlfriend to give me a *******?

all she does is rub my pants and of she goes but i don't have the guts to ask if she wants to give me a *******? i'm afraid if i ask she dumped me or something? i don't know?How can i get my girlfriend to give me a *******?
If you want her to go down on you, maybe you should consider going down on her. After all, you can't expect her to do something that you're no willing to do.How can i get my girlfriend to give me a *******?
You can't get your girlfriend to give you 1. If she doesn't want to then she doesn't have to and you have to accept that. If the subject has never come up then bring it up and not right in the middle of getting hot and heavy, ask her. Us women like to know what guys are thinking to. But if she says no then its no. Us women want guys to do things to us to but are afraid to ask to, so when you bring the subject up ask her is there anything she had been thinking about that she would like to experience with you.
Just ask her, if she doesnt want to do it then dont make her. She is very unlikely to dump you just for asking the question, as long as you dont force her into something she shall be happy and you will both be comfortable.
Ok now . You sound like a horny fuhkhead that just wants to get a girlfriend to have sex. Now if you want her to give you one then maybe you get her one? DONT EVER EVER FORCE A GIRL to give you sex or BJ.
You'll have to make her emotion go deep and sink into her heart.

She'll start making out with you and let it just go from there.
hahahaha i guess the reason she isn't givin you a ******* is coz when she rubs yo ding dong all you do is you go ******* ...... hehehehe lol
Just pull it out if she's provoking you like that. Then tell her what you want her to do.
Kudos to Zane and Socku!! An eye for an eye man.
uhh ew... if she doesnt do it its most likely she doesnt want to soo there must be a reason.. hmmm.. lol

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