Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do I get my girlfriend to break up with me?

I got this girlfriend right. She is really great and all but Its not working out and I'm starting to lose feelings for her. We have been in a relationship before and I broke up with her but then I wanted her back and now i dont. Please dont tell me to be a man and break up with her myself. Last time she got really mad at meHow do I get my girlfriend to break up with me?
I know you said not to do this, but be a man and break up with her. Seriously, even if she gets mad at you, it will be better for her to know how you feel than to be living in the dark. Don't leave her thinking everything is going great and then hear from someone else you're not interested anymore. She'll be even more upset.How do I get my girlfriend to break up with me?
honestly, you really should do it yourself if your dying in that relationship but...

you should just be a jerk to her. be really obnoxious and just plain rude. but be suddle about it because then she will spread word to all her friends about what a jerk you were to her. just be rude and obnoxious in small ways. she will eventually find a reason to break up with you. good luck
Do something gross, or talk trash about her in front of everybody. Or get a rumor started that you're cheating on her and then admit it to her! Or say hey babe i just wanted to tell you that i'm seeing someone else, but you and i can still be together don't worry.
quit being a sissy

she deserves to know

and of course she's going to get hurt and mad

but just get over with it

i would hate you if i were her and i found out you were trying to get me to break up with you when you wanted out.
just ask her if she thinks this relationship is going anywhere, or say that u think that it should only be about sex! that will piss her off and make her wanna break up with u! GOOD LUCK!
Stop showering and brushing your teeth.
Just be yourself and if she's smart, she will drop you like a hot potato.

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