Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How should i confront this guy who's trying to steal my girlfriend?

K i'm in highschool and i think this guy is trying to steal my girlfriend. They talk alot and flirt. I've never even talked to him before in my life. What should i say to him?How should i confront this guy who's trying to steal my girlfriend?
Hey man, here's the sad truth. If she's flirting with him, then the problem isn't with the guy, its with your girl.

If he was bugging her and trying to flirt with her even though SHE didn't want it, then you might be justified and stepping in and telling him to take a hike.

But since she's flirting back, then that means the problem is with her and with your relationship. Luckily, you're only in high school so its not a big deal if you have to dump her. Just let her know that you don't think she should be flirting with another guy while she's with you. If she apologizes and stops, then you're golden :). If she doesn't take you seriously, go find a new girl that will.How should i confront this guy who's trying to steal my girlfriend?
Get to know him. Put your face in his. It doesn't have to be aggressively. Just make yourself known, and repeatedly casually emphasize that you are dating her. The fact that you're around frequently will send him a subtle hint to back off, as you happen to be around your gf alot, and happen to be around when your gf talks to the guy. Don't be there ALL the time, as that will make your girlfriend feel that she's not capable of getting rid of a flirting guy on her own. Your presence will also tell him that you noticed what he's trying to do (flirt), and you're not going to passively sit around act like it's nothing.

If he doesn't get the hint, be more obvious. If he STILL doesn't get the hint, tell your girlfriend to tell him that she's taken and to back off. If he STILL doesn't get the hint, go off school property (where you cannot be charged, in case things get physical) and lay down the line, hard and very direct.

P.S. I wouldn't immediately get mad at your girlfriend, unless she is clearly reciprocating this guys flirtatious gestures. I have a boyfriend, we're in separate universities, and we can't always be together. That means trust is ESSENTIAL. However, on occasions when he has come down to visit me, or me visit him (we live ~7hr drive away from each other) guys have tried to flirt with me. I always push them off, but sometimes they're a bit persistant. If my boyfriend always got mad at me for a guy simply FLIRTING with me (without my reciprocating), it wouldn't take too many of those occurances for me to get a bit annoyed at him. I'd take that as he can't trust me to brush someone off on my own, or that he fears I will cheat on him when I'm not around. And again, we go to separate universities. If he doesn't have that trust in me not to flirt, well, we're in a pretty bad hole in our relationship. The same goes if you are in a non-long distance relationship. You're not always gonna be around, and if you are always around, she will feel incompetent.
Be careful when confronting him about it, because most guys probably won't like the idea of another guy telling him to basically stay away from a girl. it'd help to talk to your girlfriend about it too.

but jus say it nicely cuz he might jus be really friendly or a close friend of hers or somethin.

jus dont say somethin to make u lose ur girlfriend or get beat up!
Talk to your girlfriend %26amp; let her know that you don't like her being around that guy. If she doesn't respect your decision, she's not worth it. Someone will eventually show up, who'd appreciate your love for her :)
Tell him: ';You know what my favoriet song is? Messin' With My Girl Is Bad For Your Health';
Na dont go to him

Tell your girl to stop talking to him if you dont want to lose her.

If so then just break up

i wouldnt take that **** from my bf
you should b more worried about your gf flirting with him and not giving you respect...

but just b like hey man whats going on with you and my girl...???
kick his ***!!!!
you dnt ,hes only talking to ur gf ,so ur problem is ?

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