Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Girlfriend on her way home from work told me how much she loves me then went to bed mad cuz dint take pup out?

She she basically had a 30 min coversation wit me n her way home from work bein extremely nice and tellin me shes never going anywhere ( as in never leavin my side) Etc. Our cable box had been acting up all day and i even called and had that fixed when she got home. Towards when it was time to go to bed she went to bed aggrivated cuz i didnt take out new puppy out to use it... It was cold outside,we live in the country, and the dog always plays instead of usin it! I told her this mornin it would otherwise be sumthin we wouldnt have to deal with so dont let it effect your mood for the rest of the day... thoughts?

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