Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How can I be so bad? After so long I have to ask...is it me?

I am 21 and have never had a girlfriend. Recently I have offered money on craigslist for laughs and giggles just to have a girl just eat dinner with me. Nothing came of it. It seems like anything I do to even get a date, the farther I am from that result. I was not desperate before, but now I am. I can't help it when I am that rejected. I feel like the harder I try to make myself better, the more I fall, kind of like being stuck in quick sand. It is hard not to wish for a quicker life. I am tired of struggling and failing. I would be better off not being here I suppose, but I am not going to kill myself...I however wouldn't mind if I just died now. I don't understand why God even created me. I feel like I have distanced myself from him as well and I am not trying to. I have lots of physical things in life to be thankful for but it means nothing to me when what I want now is a realization I am not failing at life. I have been close to getting a date and maybe more a couple of times, but when I start to seize the moment, it seems like my feet get pulled out from under me and I am back on ground zero. Could my life be a result of me not being a good enough person? Could I be lacking in something? I don't know what it is or how to fix myself.How can I be so bad? After so long I have to ask...is it me?
you dont have the right moves just think about what your doing and what woman really wantHow can I be so bad? After so long I have to ask...is it me?
Oh dear, only 21 and worried about never having a date, I am hearing you put so much emphasize on getting a date, you have your whole life ahead of you, get out there and have some fun in life, stop worrying about dating, go out with friends, believe me good friends are better to have than any date, you say you dont understand why God created you, well he did it because you are who you are, and there will be a purpose in your life, but stop wasting it worrying about dates, I feel because you worry about this so much, it shows, and that scares people, so get out with the boys, forget about getting a date, and once you do this, I bet someone comes along before you even know about it. There will be your time, you just have to be patient, and dont push it. Try taking up some sort of hobby, do some volunteer work, you would be surprised who you can meet doing this type of thing, just try it and then tell me it doesnt work, I bet it does

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