Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How can I tell my girlfriend I have a foot fetish?

I have been going out with my girlfriend for a few weeks and I want to tell her about my foot fetish.

A few of my friends know, and I want her to find out from me, not from them.

How do I go about telling her?

Also, what do you think about a foot fetish in general?How can I tell my girlfriend I have a foot fetish?
Foot fetish is popular among people. It does not matter about age at all. Lick or massage beautiful feet is absolutely enjoyable. You can also ask directly here: http://www.footfetish.hot-adult-dating.com/

There are thousands of members who loves foot fetish.How can I tell my girlfriend I have a foot fetish?
Start small and tell her that you want to pamper her. Tell her that you want to give her a nice foot massage. See how she reacts to it. If she is turned off by it, you will have to shelve the fetish for a while until she is much more comfortable with you. If she is open to it or welcomes it, stay on topic and stick with the massage.

As you are giving her the massage, compliment her on the beauty of her feet and tell her about your appreciation of her feet. Don't make it a big issue unless she asks questions. If she does ask questions, answer them truthfully and honestly and don't be ashamed. You can show her that this is a very common and harmless fetish and that many people love to give and/or receive in this fetish. Let her know that you would love to introduce it to her slowly and at her comfort level.

You have it easier than I do. I have a tickle fetish and I love to engage in playful, respectful, consensual tickling encounters. It is harder to find women to participate in a tickle fetish than a foot fetish.

Good luck!
Your best bet in my opinion is not tell her you have a foot fetish. Compliment her feet, tell her that you think they are super cute. Offer to give her a massage and take it slowly. If you make it about her, and how you just love HER feet, you will get much further than telling her you love ladies' feet in general. Make it about her, and it's flattery. Make it about all the other girls and she might not be as receptive.
Foot fetish -- harmless.

Hell, I have 99 pairs of shoes and sandals!!

Why, I wonder is the word ';fetish'; seeming viewed as a bad thing? So what if you are attracted to feet. It is what you do with your fetish that defines if it is a good or a bad thing.

If you approach your girlfriend like this is a bad thing or freakish in any way, she will perhaps view it that way. Do not use the word ';fetish'; at first. Substitute the word ';'attraction';. But, first, it may be a good idea to find out how she views her own feet. This will most likely give you a good idea how she may accept or reject your news.

I would not be so worried if she finds out before you get a chance to tell her. I found out my boyfriend liked motorcycles. I was absolutely terrified of them and never would be a passenger on one. Then, as our relationship developed, I kinda got warmed up to the idea of going for a short ride on the bike. I found out I absolutely loved it and am now enjoying riding on a Harley. Who would have thought? Five years ago I would have told you you were high and I would never ride on a bike.

My point...go for it. I mean them!!
Does she take a great deal on her feet like always pedicure?..If so, u can praise how nice is her feet, how nice is her nails etc...n also can pay for her pedicure if possible..in such ways, she gets the hint u admire her feet etc.who know during romancing with her, you can take the chance to touch her feet n maybe kiss or suck her feet...
well u shuldnt b ashamd of it

everyone has different fetishes....

well u shuld sit her down and tell her tht u gt a thing for feet bt in a gentle none freaky way.

itz nt as hard as u tink hun.

mke sure ya'll r alone doe
i think guys with foot fetish's are hot! lol but its not bad. just tell her the truth.

if shee really likes you then she wont care
Ask her what she thinks about it first, without telling her you have a fetish.. If she reacts badly, for the love of godd.. dont tell her :L
i Thinkk it's scaryy andd Nastyy!

buht Then aqain tht's just Mee(:

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